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9 Sectors where outsourcing software projects is worth considering

9 Sectors where outsourcing software projects is worth considering

EMAPTA, a leading Philippines outsourcing supplier, shares their insights on this topic

Because of technological advancements, a business must strive to take advantage of them to survive a highly-competitive industry. Most business owners want to take advantage of outsourcing, but they’re not sure how it will benefit their businesses. Thus, the primary step is to determine if their business require outsourcing software projects.

Software development outsourcing is becoming a relevant option for businesses who want to migrate their operations to being technology-based. The fast-paced nature of our current market pressures businesses to join the bandwagon as fast as they could. With outsourcing, it is easier to implement new systems since there’ll be dedicated people who can do the job and at the same time, businesses can utilize existing and working software.

A host of industries can reap the many benefits of outsourcing staff and activities, which are the following:

1. Real Estate

Leads are important sales drivers when it comes to real estate. Outsourcing lead generation which involves software is faster and more reliable means to get quality leads.

Real Estate
Real Estate

2. Financial Services

Outsourced billing and collections are just some of the popular services in this niche. With software and dedicated manpower, there’s less risk of inaccurate records, on-time billing and collections is achieved, and delinquent accounts can be monitored.

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Financial Services
Financial Services

3. Hospitality

Rendering outstanding Outsourcing is one important asset of the hospitality industry. Having a software that enables customers to maximize their time with you helps encourage loyal patrons. Mobile based apps that enhance customer services like subscription promotions, personalized itineraries, and incentive programs are just some of the examples of services one can outsource.


4. Legal

Getting an in-house legal department for every business is a valuable investment. However, not everyone can afford such. Outsourcing offers an alternative solution to this by offering flexible and scalable virtual assistance to any business. Outsourced activities range from consultations to full-scale legal services.


5. Telecommunications

Software development has always been a partner of the telecommunications industry. Now that people are utilizing more communication channels, telcos should be more adept in continuously improving on bringing quality services to customers.

Offshore software outsourcing helps telco companies implement newer systems and technologies faster.



Medical transcription services offer many benefits to patient care facilities. With added insight from patient records and histories, healthcare institutions can now give information that can supplement medical research to improve patient care and diagnosis.


7. Transportation

Logistics is one crucial factor, especially in large-scale enterprises. Offshoring logistics teams in strategic parts of the world can help streamline global operations. Adopting a system that centralizes databases and communication channels and simultaneously doubles or triples the workforce with less cost are notable advantages of outsourcing in this industry.


8. Utilities & Energy

Now that the internet has opened many opportunities for globalization, outsourcing workforce from different countries aren’t as challenging and expensive as before. Highly-technical requirements that used to burden the shoulders of HR people are now lifted with offshoring and outsourcing human resource tasks.

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Utilities and Energy
Utilities and Energy


Tourism is one of the rising industries in any developing country. Utilizing digital marketing is one surefire way of bringing awareness and engagement on what any country or place in the world has to offer.


How to Choose Your Software Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing is almost the same is hiring. A business has risks when it decides to tap a software outsourcing company. But, it also faces risks when it hires an employee. The steps in choosing a third-party company are almost the same as hiring an employee.

How to Choose Your Software Outsourcing Company
How to Choose Your Software Outsourcing Company

•    Research

An outsourcing company is merely an extension of the business. It is a business partner. Therefore, due diligence is essential in choosing a third-party company.

•    Acquire a dedicated team

A dedicated team is a group that will work on the project from beginning until the end. It is beneficial for a company to plan and solve complex problems together to shorten the development time.

•    Communicate

Communication is essential when hiring software outsourcing services, which can bring a new perspective. However, if the third-party company doesn’t understand the requirements, the project will fail. Thus, it is essential for both parties to sit down and iron out issues to ensure that everything is technologically and logically feasible.

•    Trust

Open communication builds confidence. A business can require the software company to set milestones so it can monitor the health and progress of the project. It can ensure that there’d be no negative surprise upon delivery of the software.

•    Technology Infrastructure

The outsourced team must have the expertise and skills that can work with different verticals of business niches and industries. Each member must be continually updating his knowledge and skills.

•    Transparency

High quality work can’t exist without transparency. Both parties must stay involved to gain project success. They must evaluate and structure processes carefully to maintain the business’s satisfaction and convenience.

Software outsourcing isn’t simple. It is difficult, but fulfilling if done correctly. However, without outsourcing, a business will merely wither because it will spend money, time, and resources with software development and lose focus on building new skills to have a competitive advantage.

EMAPTA is a leading outsourcing supplier, specialising in medical transcription services as well as other verticals.

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