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5 incredible reasons to work in the BPO industry

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The business process outsourcing sector is one of the largest industries in the Philippines. It has been helping the country’s economic status and providing jobs to thousands of people.

It is also one of the fast-growing industries where many people would love to work in. Currently, the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) reported that around 1.44 million Filipinos work in the BPO sector.

BPO work is not a dead-end job; many people dream of joining the industry as it gives them hope for a better future. There are still great things that one can experience in working in the industry.

Advantages of working in the BPO industry

Here are five amazing reasons to work in BPO companies.

Competitive salary

BPO companies offer a higher take-home pay compared to other jobs in the Philippines.  Usually, employees can get at least US$500 per month for entry-level employment.

It is very evident that there are lots of success stories from BPO employees, from sending their siblings and children to private colleges, traveling to foreign countries with parents, or even just finishing off a debt. 

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The BPO industry has been a great source of income for many Filipinos.

Better benefits

BPO industries are well known for providing the best benefits for their workers. BPO employees can get generous perks from life insurance, premium health benefits, scholarship programs, family day, movie treats, 14-day paid leave, 13th-month pay, and a lot more.

Not all of the benefits in a BPO company are entirely available in a local company, and this is one of the many reasons why people would prefer to work there. 

It covers not only the BPO employees but also their family members, which gives assurance to employees when it comes to wellness.

Advantages of working in the BPO industry

Career advancement

Contrary to popular belief, BPO employees are well-rounded, fast-learning, and flexible individuals who are always ready to step up in their careers.

In fact, after being regularized in the company, which is six months, an employee can apply for supervisory, managerial, or other support roles. Application for different roles is open to everyone, depending on your skill set and work history.

Great amenities

BPO company buildings are most of the time situated in the heart of the city. They are created with state-of-the-art designs and amenities that are well-thought-out to address the needs of the employees.

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Most buildings have sleeping quarters for agents with night shifts, pantry areas, game rooms, gyms, and training rooms. 

These are designed to fit the fast-paced life of the BPO employees and to give comfort and convenience to the employees.

Work-life balance

A BPO company requires employees to work at least nine hours a day for five days per week. Employees get to enjoy two rest days, giving them time with their families while taking care of errands and chores at home.

They even have extra time to spend with their colleagues after work or even on one of their rest days.

Most of the BPO employees or teams would usually plan for dinner or lunch out after their shift. They also have occasional team buildings where they just choose to go out of town or to a nearby place to relax and have fun with their colleagues, and families.

Advantages of working in the BPO industry

Jobs in BPO companies

Many people think that BPOs usually connote to call centers. Contrary to this belief, call centers are only a part of what the industry has to offer. 

BPO employees can get hired according to their expertise and skillsets, giving them the chance to practice their professions better.

At the same time, the industry is also open to entry-level employees looking for a stepping stone in their careers.

Some of the job positions found in BPOs include the following.

Accounting work

Nowadays, outsourcing is not just about repetitive business processes. 

For cost efficiency, clients look to outsource more complex functions, such as accounting, to offshore countries such as the Philippines.

Customer-related services

Applicants with good communication skills and strong empathy are needed in customer-facing roles such as technical support. 

While the majority of support services still involve answering calls, agents can still apply for non-voice processes such as chat and email.

Human resources

Companies outsource human resource processes as a way to manage their teams better. HR professionals can utilize their expertise in the industry by getting HR-related roles in BPOs.

Back office

Lastly, back-office roles such as data entry and payroll processing are also delegated to improve the business operations of a firm. 

Back office roles are the most preferred entry-level work for fresh graduates and professionals looking for a shift in career.

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