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Upgrade your designs with Outsourced’s 3D modelers

The relevance of 3D modeling has never been higher. 3D modelers are among the top specialists in their field, and new opportunities are opening up everywhere.

Many companies choose to outsource 3D modeler work to firms like Outsourced, which hires only qualified professionals to produce first-rate designs. 

Quality 3D modeling is an asset to any business, no matter where it’s produced.  

What is a 3D modeler? 

Combine high skills in computing and math into an artist, and it can result in a 3D modeler. It’s a bonus if they have an interest in film or gaming. 

3D modelers are adaptable and can work in many fields, such as film production, game design, advertising firms, and software companies. 

Becoming a 3D modeler is no easy feat, as the programs are complicated and require fundamental art skills to produce good modeling. 

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The industry is incredibly fast-paced, and businesses fight to hire a 3D modeler. This is where an offshoring company can help

The market for 3D modeling is expected to grow significantly between 2022 and 2027. Many new opportunities, like the Metaverse, are taking the world by storm. Many fields are, thus, scrambling to partake in the 3D realm. 

What is a 3D modeler?

What is 3D modeling used for? 

3D modelers work in a versatile medium, and many industries can utilize 3D models for a range of projects. Many products today use 3D modeling, with consumers unaware of the medium’s involvement. 

Game development  

The most common use for 3D modeling is in game development. 3D modelers create characters, props, and entire worlds within games. 

As virtual reality games become more popular, the immersive experience from 3D models becomes more important. 

Engineering and architecture 

3D modelers allow planning beyond traditional hand-drawn designs, actually making a three-dimensional visual of a building. This is a major advantage when pitching to stakeholders. 

The greater detail with 3D models also lets builders spot potential issues, thus, reducing errors and saving money when it’s time to build. 

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Product design and manufacturing 

3D modelers can regularly improve design, re-fabricate parts, and drive products to market. Many products we own have some involvement with 3D modeling

It’s also useful when pitching, as it’s less wasteful than creating samples, and you’re able to compare it with your competitors more accurately. 

Advertising and marketing 

Advertising becomes more attractive and appealing with 3D models. And with 3D product models, companies can promote and sell even before investing in production. 


A 3D model can be rigged and animated, and this is, in fact, the process for most animated films today. This also applies to game animation. 3D modelers provide a clean, seamless effect for movement. 

3D printing 

3D modelers are crucial to 3D printing, which can be used in countless useful ways. It has been frequently used in the healthcare industry, creating custom-built prosthetics and implants. 

It’s also useful for education and surgical planning, creating anatomically correct models. 


A lesser-known application for 3D modelers is their hand in the publishing business. 3D models can be used to create visuals for books. 

They can be utilized to make imagery of difficult-to-access areas,  flora and fauna, or even showcase events in the past and future. 

Complex ideas can be explained easier with the use of 3D models.  

What is 3D modeling used for?

Outsourced’s 3D modeler services for your business

With Outsourced’s services, it becomes much easier to hire niche talents such as 3D modelers. Hiring internally or locally can be costly and difficult, but Outsourced can provide you with dedicated, full-time, quality 3D modelers for your team. 

In the field of BPO, the Philippines is among those leading the way in professional service, including the field of creative design, where 3D modelers specialize. 

Outsourced assures quality in the 3D modelers they offshore. You’ll be guaranteed excellent service for a fraction of the costs. 

Skill in programs like Autodesk, Archicad, Houdini, and Cinema 4D is a must. Aside from capability in the latest software, they ensure that your remote modeler team is equipped with competitive and innovative skills. 

Reach out to Outsourced today to make a splash in the 3D modeling world. 

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