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Social media specialist

With millions of people on social media, it has become an effective strategy for businesses to reach a wider audience.

A social media specialist is in charge of utilizing all social media platforms to promote a brand and gain new customers.

What is a social media specialist?

A social media specialist optimizes social media to increase the following of a company or business.

Social media specialists are responsible for developing social media strategies to boost engagement and drive awareness toward their brand.

They accomplish this by creating and publishing various forms of content, analyzing site metrics, and interacting with readers and customers.

Duties of a social media specialist

A social media specialist takes on a lot of responsibilities that are important to raising brand awareness. Here is a breakdown of some main tasks:

Content creation and curation

A social media specialist is responsible for crafting engaging and relevant content tailored for specific social media platforms. This can range from posts, videos, infographics, and other multimedia content that will boost engagement and brand awareness.

Community management

Social media specialists act as middlemen between the online community and brands. They are responsible for interacting with the audience and addressing their concerns.

They also monitor user-generated content to check if they are appropriate, respectful, and on-brand while taking down inappropriate content as necessary.

Analyzing performance

These specialists also track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. They can see what strategies are bringing in good results and which ones aren’t and adjust accordingly.

Some metrics they track include engagement (e.g., likes or comments), impressions or the number of times your content shows up on someone’s feed, and brand mentions.

Campaign management

A social media specialist also handles paid social media advertising campaigns to increase engagement and meet marketing objectives.

From the planning to the execution stage, social media specialists work with the brand’s goals to create campaigns and use analytics tools to measure their success.

Keeping up with trends

Social media specialists stay updated with current trends and changes in social media and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

They research what is popular nowadays and capitalize on that to enhance brand visibility. This includes hashtags, viral videos, and other various content trends.

They also research the target audience and fellow competitors and formulate new strategies around those findings.

Collaborations and influencer engagement

Social media specialists are also in charge of company outreach, seeking out other potential brands for cross-promotion and collaborations. They also reach out to influencers who can promote their products or services to broaden their brand’s reach.

Skills and requirements to look for in a social media specialist

There is a wide range of skills that a social media specialist must possess in order to succeed at the job. 

Listed below are the following skills to look for:

  • Strong understanding of various social media platforms and their specific practices
  • Proficiency in writing, graphic design, and multimedia content creation
  • Ability to interpret data and use analytics to improve social media strategies
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to engage with the audience effectively
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing trends and algorithms on different social media platforms
  • Ability to handle customer inquiries and complaints professionally

Where to hire a social media specialist

You can find social media specialists through these channels and see if they are eligible for an interview:

  • Job portals. Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor often have a pool of social media specialist job listings.
  • Social media groups and forums. Platforms like Facebook groups, Reddit, or industry-specific forums often have job postings and discussions related to social media roles.
  • Recruitment agencies. Specialized recruitment agencies can assist in finding suitable candidates for this role.
  • Networking events. Industry-related networking events and conferences can be great places to connect with potential social media specialists.

Salary comparison

The salary of a social media specialist can vary depending on the company and skill level. A social media specialist in the Philippines earns around P360,000/year.

Meanwhile, a social media specialist in the US earns an average salary of $51,584/year. 

The table below shows the annual salary comparison according to experience. 


On-site vs. Remote setup for a social media specialist

Social media specialists can work both on-site or remotely, depending on what the company requires.

They can work on-site in a physical office for a more personal and collaborative environment. 

On the other hand, they can also choose to work remotely to give themselves more flexibility without having to travel. 

Social media specialist job description template 

Feel free to customize this job description template if you are looking to hire a social media specialist. It highlights the key responsibilities and qualifications needed for the ideal candidate.

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