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Sales development representative

A sales development representative (SDR) has become increasingly crucial in sales and marketing. 

SDRs connect companies with potential customers, nurture leads, and boost revenue. 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what a sales development representative does and how you can identify the perfect candidate. 

What is a sales development representative

 A sales development representative is the “front-line troop” of the sales team. 

Sales development representatives are responsible for identifying and reaching out to potential customers interested in a company’s products or services.

Duties of sales development representative

A sales development representative wears many hats throughout a workday. SDRs primary responsibilities include:

  • Lead generation. A sales development representative proactively searches for potential leads through various channels, such as email marketing, cold calling, and social media.
  • Initial outreach. Sales development representatives contact potential customers first, introducing them to the company’s offerings and gauging their interest.
  • Qualifying leads. A representative determines if leads are a good fit for the company by assessing their needs and budgets.
  • Setting appointments. A sales development representative schedules meetings or product demonstrations for the sales team with qualified leads.

Skills and requirements needed in sales development representative

To find the right sales development representative, you need to seek a unique set of skills and attributes:


  • Communication skills: A sales development representative needs strong written and verbal communication skills to engage with potential leads effectively, whether through phone calls, emails, or other communication channels.
  • Active listening: Understanding the prospect’s needs and pain points is critical. Active listening skills help in identifying opportunities for a product or service.
  • Research skills: Effective sales development representative research targets companies and individuals to personalize outreach and better understand the prospect’s needs.
  • Sales techniques: Understanding basic sales techniques, such as objection handling and closing strategies, is essential for converting leads.
  • Time management: Sales development representatives often manage a high volume of leads and must prioritize and manage their time efficiently.
  • Resilience and persistence: Rejection is common in sales. SDRs must be resilient and persistent in their efforts to reach and engage prospects.
  • Adaptability: Adapting to different situations, industries, and changing market conditions is crucial.
  • Technology proficiency: Familiarity with CRM software, email automation tools, and other sales technology is important for managing leads and workflows.
  • Teamwork: A sales development representative often works closely with the sales team, so being a good team player is important for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Problem-solving: An SDR should be able to identify and solve potential roadblocks in the lead generation process.


  • Education: While a specific degree is not always required, a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field can be advantageous.
  • Industry knowledge: Depending on the industry, some knowledge or experience related to the products or services sold is beneficial.
  • Sales training: Completing sales training programs or courses can be an asset, particularly for entry-level sales development representatives.
  • Legal requirements: Some industries or regions may have specific licensing or certification requirements.
  • Customer relationship management software (CRM): Proficiency with the CRM software used by the company is often required.
  • Phone and email etiquette: A sales development representative should be able to communicate professionally and effectively through both phone and email.
  • Quota achievement: A sales development representative may be required to meet lead generation quotas or other performance targets.
  • Geographic flexibility: Some positions may require travel or region-specific knowledge, so that geographic flexibility may be necessary.
  • Language proficiency: If the role involves international or multilingual markets, language proficiency may be a requirement.
  • Clean background: A sales development representative often has access to sensitive customer information, so a clean background check may be required for employment.

Where to hire a sales development representative

Where can you find the sales development representative? The answer depends on your needs and preferences.

  • Local hiring: Hiring locally allows face-to-face interactions and seamless collaboration within the same time zone. Platforms like Indeed and JobStreet are excellent for finding local talent.
  • Offshore hiring: This option can be cost-effective but may come with language and cultural barriers. Offshore hiring platforms like Upwork and Remote.co can connect you with global sales development representative talent.

Salary comparison for sales development representative

A sales development representative’s compensation can vary based on factors like location, experience, and industry.

According to WorldSalaries, the average annual salary of sales development representatives in the Philippines is 9,082.97 USD, whereas in the USA, it is 79,800 USD.

The table below shows the salary comparison according to experience. 


On-site vs. Remote setup for sales development representative

The debate between on-site and remote work setups is critical for hiring sales development representatives. Each option has its pros and cons:

  • On-site setup – It provides better supervision and team collaboration but may limit your talent pool to a specific geographic area.
  • Remote setup – This offers flexibility and access to a global talent pool but requires effective remote management practices to ensure productivity.

Sales development representative job description template

This sales development representative job description template is a comprehensive guide for recruiters seeking to hire a skilled and creative professional.

It outlines the key responsibilities, qualifications, and application process, showcasing the role’s requirements and expectations within the organization. 

Feel free to customize this template to match your company’s needs and preferences.

You can also customize these interview questions to suit your recruitment process’s specific requirements and expectations. 

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