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Home » Podcast » Representing 170k Graphic Artists – with Cap Hernandez of Philippine Graphic Artists

Representing 170k Graphic Artists – with Cap Hernandez of Philippine Graphic Artists

Representing 170k Graphic Artists - with Cap Hernandez of Philippine Graphic Artists

This week’s episode of the Outsource Accelerator podcast has something a little different. Derek speaks with Cap Hernandez, co-founder of Philippine Graphic Artists (PGA), an online group composed of creative freelancers. 

They discuss the nature of the PGA group, the current freelancing setting, and how the creatives navigate the industry.

About Philippine Graphic Artists (PGA)

The episode starts with Cap introducing Philippine Graphic Artists. 

“Philippine Graphic Artists is one of the biggest and oldest graphic design communities here in the Philippines. We’re now at 168,000 members and counting.

The most important thing [about this group] is the people and members we’ve helped. A lot of times [they] would approach me and tell me that they were able to get inspired, learn new things, and get clients.” 

The group began as a collection of graphic designers and artists, but has since expanded to include illustrators, UI/UX designers, web developers, and even social media managers and marketers.

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Beyond being a social media group, Cap is focused on making PGA more of an association or even company to help train members.

“We’re registering it right now and also fixing the programs. For example, [in] the educational track, we have a lot of free workshops or webinars that [members] can attend [to] improve their skills.” 

Thanks to his background in sales, Cap is also able to help with the business aspects. 

“I’ve been in sales more than half of my life, so that’s ten years. [So] I’m trying to teach [the members] how to sell and how to get clients. 

Cap acknowledges that most people in this industry just want to create, which is why he helps them grow professionally.

“It’s very challenging for creatives to do that because they’re not really built [for it]. 

So I teach them to build their personal brand, optimize their profile, and post content that will get noticed by your potential clients.”

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Philippine creative industry 

Freelancing is a big part of not just the group, but the entire Philippine creative industry. 

“[The US] is really outsourcing creatives here in the Philippines because they’re really good. I don’t have the specific numbers, but [there] can be thousands of agencies that’s doing that.” 

When asked about freelancing platforms, Cap says that one’s personal drive matters more. 

“It’s really about how you put yourself out there. Even if it’s Upwork, or Facebook, or a different platform, it’s how you put yourself out there. 

There are really a lot of opportunities right now, and you just need to look for it. Or sometimes if you’re lucky, opportunities will find you.” 

Philippine creative industry

Impact of AI on creatives 

As has become the norm, the topic of AI is raised, with Derek mentioning the current digital movement and how creative communities are reacting. 

Cap recalls that there was definitely a fear at the start, but quickly explains how they adapted, up to creating a community podcast to discuss it.

“There are members right now who believe that if you don’t learn AI, you’ll be obsolete. So people who are graphic designers who know how to use AI will eventually thrive.” 

Cap isn’t too worried about the future of the industry, believing that creatives must simply adjust their perspectives. 

“You just have to focus on yourself right now instead of focusing on the external things that you really cannot control. 

That’s what I tell them. Focus on the things that you can control because that’s where you can improve.” 

Impact of AI on creatives 
Impact of AI on creatives

Sales and introversion

Cap would be the first to admit that introversion is a common trait within the creative community. Derek points out that this could be hard when one is trying to promote themselves.

“Some people think [that it’s a weakness], but it’s actually not.  What I try [to] tell or teach them is that you have to know your strengths, or what I call the ‘introverted superpowers’” 

Cap mentions his book, “Selling for Introverts,” and goes a bit into his history in sales. 

“As an introvert, I was able to really use my ‘superpowers’ in closing deals.

So imagine that I just use my superpowers [to] talk to the right people, [that] I answer their questions, [and be] there whenever they really need help. I’m teaching that to the creatives as well.” 

Cap Hernandez can be reached through his LinkedIn. If you’re interested in joining the Philippine Graphic Artists Facebook group, you may find it here.    

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