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Home » Podcast » Outsourcing Rising Star Sees Big Opportunity in High-Value Services – with Amir Borsok of Reliasourcing

Outsourcing Rising Star Sees Big Opportunity in High-Value Services – with Amir Borsok of Reliasourcing

Outsourcing Rising Star Sees Big Opportunity in High-Value Services - with Amir Borsok of Reliasourcing

In this episode of the Outsource Accelerator Podcast, Derek speaks with Amir Borsok, the Head of Business Development at Reliasourcing. 

They discuss how Reliasourcing conducts its BPO-as-a-Service operations, managing quality expectations when it comes to outsourcing, and the continuously changing market. 


Reliasourcing is relatively new on the scene. The firm has only been around for three and a half years, but has been seeing great growth, leading to a fantastic 2023. 

Amir explains a bit more about Reliasourcing.

“We have three main bases here in Metro Manila, [and] Reliasourcing aims to be as bespoke and tailor-made as it can be for the client.

We’re a BPO operation as a Service company, [and] we aim to get quality talent [to] build a team for you here in the Philippines and then help manage it and enhance performance in the best way we can.”  

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He describes the two main factors that set Reliasourcing apart. 

“First of all, [I] think there’s still room and still a gap in this very saturated market for managed services [and] operation partners, [and] to add this kind of value is something that not all BPO or outsourcing companies do,” Amir explains.


“The other aspect is creating a tailor-made solution.

We tend to be very, very flexible and very bespoke towards the client’s needs and really understand the opportunities and [it’s] potential.” 

Activating the Filipino workforce

Amir’s journey began four years ago when he connected with Yoray Ofek, Reliasourcing’s Managing Director. 

He very quickly grew to see the opportunities of this industry in the Philippines.

“The narrative around the Philippines’s BPO space is changing. [People] have a certain image of what a Filipino agent or representative can do, [but] it’s so much more than that.” 

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“I think the government and the country have really promoted the industry in order to be a real flagship for an amazing opportunity for Filipinos to thrive in.”  

Activating the Filipino workforce
Activating the Filipino workforce

Serving clients the real value of outsourcing

Amir elaborates on how Reliasourcing works. 

“We positioned ourselves as a managed services [and] operation as a service company.

We tend to take more of a dedicated project [and]  build the process with the client catered to his specific needs. And then our internal resources [come] and help manage the collaboration in order to get the best results.”

When asked about managing costs with quality expectations, Amir answered that it all comes down to quality. 

“A client might see your value proposition and might see the opportunity at hand; it obviously boils down to pricing. 

But at the end of the day, it’s all about the results you’re going to get. But I think we make a very violent effort into paying our agents well and making sure we get top talent with experience.” 

He also emphasizes Reliasourcing’s operations model. 

“We really aspire to be an extension of the team, and this definitely comes with a collaborative effort with the client itself.

At the end of the day, we both have a common goal. If the client really understands and sees the value of that, [then they won’t] mind investing the time, effort, and resources to make that happen.”  

An upcoming digital revolution

Amir is aware that the market is evolving, particularly with the advent of AI being integrated into the business. He’s proud to say that Reliasourcing has already begun this transformation. 

“We are already in the process of implementing some tools to help AI enhance and help us perform better. 

However, he points out that many dealing with customer service still look for a human presence to resolve their issues. 

“They want to have a human touch point in order to complete something that’s a bit more complex [or] valuable.”

He adds, “We’re still a few years away from a complete revolution in that sense. And we’re big advocates of the amazing workforce this country has.”  

Amir is quite confident in Reliasourcing’s future, giving particular praise to the team he has now. 

“People are pushing, working hard, collaborating beautifully, learning every day from each other, the industry, trends, clients, successful opportunities, [and even] not-so-successful ones.

And I think if we can maintain this kind of mindset, the future is bright for sure.”  

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Reliasourcing, you may visit its website. Amir may also be reached via email at [email protected] or via his LinkedIn.  

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