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Ep 059 Chad Davis


Derek is joined by Chad Davis today. Chad is a fitness and lifestyle coach and he is on a mission to improve the health and lifestyle of Filipinos.



  • Chad is a lifestyle and fitness coach and he has been in the Philippines for over 17 years.
  • Chad is passionate about what he’s doing. Chad believes people fundamentally deserve to be healthy and happy.
  • Chad has a lot of clients worldwide but most from the outsourcing industry because it is an industry that’s under assault health-wise. Outsourcing employees have a lot of incidences of hypertension and obesity. Most of them are earning money and they’re doing well seemingly for their family but they’re not as healthy as they wish to be.
  • The Philippines has always been an underdeveloped country. The Philippines was colonized by the Spanish and then was colonized by the Americans. And perhaps most Filipinos have picked up a few bad habits from the Americans.
  • Then there was an influx of the BPO companies which is great for the economy and great for the employees but it is also taking a toll on the health of Filipinos.
  • According to Chad, he finds it very easy to re-educate people. An example that he cites is the provincial life, Filipinos in the province, living a natural life and living up to 100.
  • Chad suggested some alternative food that we can eat and he encourages us to eat green carbohydrates and fresh food rather than processed food.
  • Chad stated that we need more energy. Life is about energy and the number one way to get energy is from the sun. Without the sun there is no life on Earth. So, the sun is the key.
  • Chad is not discouraging his clients to eat rice but he is encouraging them to consider adding ingredients that will make it healthier or other alternatives.
  • Chad started his journey by being one of those people who trained 25 hours a week. He’s done four Ironman events, 20 marathons, he even tried to out-exercise a bad diet, he also ate the wrong food. And from his mistakes he learned.


Key Points

  • We can always earn more money but if you’re spending more on healthcare then ultimately, you’re spending that money unwisely.
  • Chad is somewhat pushing against the common beliefs of the standard American diet.
  • Exercising to be healthy or exercising to exhaustion is not the correct way. We need to be healthy first and have enough energy to exercise.




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