Stephane Morel – Outsourcing Content from France to the Philippines

Ep 057 Stephane Morel




Derek is joined by Stephane Morel and they will briefly discuss Stephane’s company which has been in the Philippines for 15 years now.




  • Stephane Morel is the videographer and video editor of a French content website. He has been living in the Philippines for nine years now.
  • What is interesting about Stephane’s company is that the entire company is built and run over here in the Philippines.
  • Stephane’s job is to develop all the video contents with the help of his Filipino co-workers. He is the one training and showing them a good way to do it.
  • 80, 90 percent of Stephane’s company is based in the Philippines. Everything is done here by writers, community managers, video team, marketing.
  • According to Derek, the optimal kind of outsourcing is when initially people start by doing some call center work or customer service. However, the true value comes when you flip the pyramid upside down and run an entire company in the Philippines with minimal staff.
  • The early members of Stephane’s company went to Asia 15 years ago for business school training. And they fell in love with Asia and they saw the skills of Filipinos and the fact that they could communicate easily. And it worked for one of their websites so they tried it again.
  • Maintaining a business in France is very expensive according to Stephane. Also, in the Philippines, you can hire more people than in France since labor is cheaper in the Philippines.


Key Points

  • There is an abundance of talent in the Philippines.
  • Filipinos can really communicate well even though they cannot speak French.
  • Stephane’s company has been outsourcing to the Philippines for 15 years now.






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