Victoria Turegun – Top 5 Things to Appreciate about Living in the Philippines

Ep 045 - Victoria Turegun

Derek is joined by Victoria and today they will talk about the five things that she appreciates about living in the Philippines and the five things that she finds frustrating.


  • Derek asked Victoria to enumerate five things that she appreciates about living in the Philippines and five things that she finds frustrating.
  • Five things that Victoria Appreciates about living in the Philippines.
  1. The first thing which Victoria really loves about the Philippines is the weather. For others, it might be hard, but for her, she prefers to be in a warm climate rather than in a cold climate. Also, wearing light clothes all year round is more convenient for her than putting bulky clothes.
  2. The Philippine islands are the most untouched islands that she has ever seen. It can be quite pricey but it’s unexplored, beautiful and amazing. Victoria thinks that this is the only place where every year something is discovered. Completely unfamiliar to the rest of the scientific world because of its very rich flora and fauna.
  3. The third one is she likes that people are always smiling even in airports. Filipinos are very kind and warm.
  4. Having such terrible traffic and a very distorted perception of time it still works to their advantage because they feel more relaxed. There is less stress. In Europe, if you’re 10 minutes late or 15 minutes late for a meeting due to the traffic people would really get upset. In the Philippines, even if you’re 15 minutes late you will be the first to arrive. So, in the end, it gives you less stress.
  5. The Philippines taught Victoria to be more patient and more relaxed.
  • Five things that Victoria finds frustrating.
  1. Victoria likes her schedule to be fixed. However, because of the heavy traffic, it’s almost impossible to accomplish everything that you have planned for the day.
  2. The second one is the heavy traffic. In Europe, everything is fast paced, however, in the Philippines, since traffic has always been part of the lives of Filipinos they have come to accept it.
  3. The third one is infrastructure which is a part of a deeper problem. And one of the things that are holding the Philippines back.
  4. The next one is telecommunications and the internet which is monopolized by a few companies. It’s not only frustrating but it is also embarrassing especially when you are having a conversation with people in foreign countries. This is very ironic since the Philippine economy relies heavily on BPOs.
  5. In the Philippines, not everything is cheap. The Philippines is a very service oriented country, so most services are cheap but some goods are really expensive. Utilities, rent, accommodation, airfare, these are some of the examples that Victoria cited.

Key Points

  • Filipinos are very kind and warm people.
  • The Philippines has very rich flora and fauna which is something to be very proud of.
  • Traffic in the Philippines is terrible.
  • Filipinos prefer to text because of the bad mobile signal and internet reception.
  • Filipinos are more relaxed than people living in Europe and in the West.




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