Top Twelve Tasks for your Virtual Assistant

Ep 022 Derek Gallimore

Today, Derek and Arnold will talk about the 12 best tasks to assign to your Virtual Assistant.


  • Derek and Arnold will share the 12 best tasks that you can pass on to Virtual Assistants.
  • Here are the 12 tasks;
  1. Social media handling – handling basic post, keeping an eye on forums and moderating forums and preparing posts
  2. Research or data mining – one of the new trends that you can take advantage of.
  3. Customer service – popularized by Tim Ferriss
  4. Presentation creation – there are new apps that are user-friendly that VAs can use.
  5. Administrative tasks – appointment-setting, rudimentary tasks
  6. Web design or maintenance – maintaining the website, information accuracy, images description changes
  7. Proofreading, editing and ghostwriting – content is a massive booming sector right now and there are a lot of VAs who can write very well, if your VAs cannot do this, they can coordinate with people who can
  8. Scheduling – sorting out your schedule for you
  9. Transcription services – can be applied in podcasts, VAs are fantastic for this
  10. Inbox management – your virtual assistant can sift through your emails and separate which ones are important and needs immediate attention.
  11. Travel and tours research – VAs can book flights for you and look for the cheapest flights which will allow you to save a lot of money
  12. Event planning – you can leave planning company outings and gatherings to your VA.
  • Consider hiring Virtual Assistants to make your life easier.


Key Points

  • Always remember that VA’s are not generalists and one may not be able to do all the tasks that were mentioned. You’re lucky if you have one that can.
  • Consider hiring a VA and it will make your life easier.
  • If a task takes too much of your time, hire someone to do it for you and focus on more valuable things.






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