Eileen Juan – The Value of Understanding the ‘Why’ of the Business

Ep 010 - Eileen Juan

Today, we are joined by Eileen, founder and owner of The Picture Company. She will discuss how to lead with a vision and how you can get the best out of your employees.



  • Eileen’s interview process requires applicants to figure out if they have a sense of purpose or a sense of mission.
  • Many millennials argue that they do not know what their purpose in life is.
  • The first sales spiel that she heard from her employees was very item-driven, price-driven. After learning the ‘why’, the second sales spiel was totally different, it didn’t feel like hard selling and more like sharing something with clients


Key Points

  • The moment people understand the “why” of the business, it’s so much easier for them to also sell it to other people.
  • Frequent sessions with your staff can help improve on how they perform.
  • It is vital for managers and business owners to lead people with a vision.




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