Why Outsource to the Philippines – 7 Reasons with Arnold San Miguel

Ep 013 Derek Gallimore

Today, Derek and Arnold will go through the 7 reasons why companies should outsource to the Philippines. They will cover what makes the Filipino talent pool enticing for any business owner planning to outsource and how the Government supports the BPO industry.


  • First, the massive size of the Philippines which has a population of roughly 110 million. Producing 500,000 University graduates annually. Aside from that, the Philippines has a young population as compared to Western countries which have an aging population.
  • Second, the BPO industry has been around for about 25 years. There also over 700 BPO companies spread across more than fifteen cities in the Philippines.
  • The third is the rise of several BPO parks and business hubs in and out Metro Manila.
  • Fourth, a very high English literacy rate, not the highest because we all know Singapore is the highest but as we all know, Singapore is a very small and expensive country.
  • Fifth, the Philippines is a highly westernized culture than any other country in Asia. From the language to their hospitality.
  • Sixth, The Philippines is the leading provider of outsourced voice related services which is somewhat attributed to the cultural alignment and English literacy rate.
  • Seventh is the support coming from the Filipino government wherein specific tax exemptions were created in support of this. Municipalities are highly supportive of this because it gives them the opportunity to employ people within their town to work nearby.

Key Points

  • The Philippines is one of the go-to destination for companies who plan to outsource their business requirements. Two major reasons are the country’s high English literacy rate and cost-effective salary rates.
  • The sheer size of the Philippines’ young population is like a goldmine for outsourcing companies.
  • The support from the Philippine Government is very encouraging for outsourcing companies.


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