Eileen Ramos – Learning BasicTagalog with Eileen Ramos

Ep 010 - Eileen Ramos

Derek is joined by Eileen Ramos and they will go over some basic and often used Tagalog words. While Tagalog is not an easy language to learn, it does have its own beauty to it and mastering it would make engaging with Filipinos more entertaining.


  • The islands in the Philippines are separated, being an archipelago, so there are separate identities, separate dialects, separate cultures.
  • The penetration of English in the Philippines and the adoption of the language is phenomenal but that creates a challenge for foreigners to learn the language more easily.
  • While there are many dialects in the Philippines, the official language is Tagalog.
  • Here are some of the words covered;
  1. “Sige” – Yes
  2. “Ano” – What
  3. “Anong”, “ano ang” – What (has to have a word after it)
  4. “Walang”, “wala” – None
  5. “Di ba” – Really?
  6. “Galing – you’re good, good
  7. “Sarap” – delicious
  8. “Tama” – correct, right
  9. “Lang” – for emphasis or minimal
  10. “Talaga” – really? (question)
  11. “Kasi” – Because
  12. “Pwede” – can be
  13. “Bakit” – Why
  14. “Anyare” (“Anong nangyari”) – What happened?

Key Points

  • As a foreigner in the Philippines it is really quite difficult to immerse yourself in Tagalog and really adopt the language since the Filipinos’ adoption of English is amazing
  • The meaning of some Tagalog words changes depending on the intonation used in each sentence.
  • It is a big advantage if you take the time to learn Tagalog especially if you’re planning to outsource or reside in the Philippines.


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