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Front-end developer


What is a front-end developer?

A front-end developer is someone who is tasked to write and code the end-user side of the software development project. Whatever we, as consumers, see on websites and applications is the direct work of front-end programmers.

They have a keen interest in making apps and software accessible, efficient, and effective. In a department, they may closely work with a web or app designer in order to solidify and materialize their ideas together. This team-up leads to excellent project output. 

Design-wise, a front-end developer doesn’t have much leeway when it comes to calling the shots. In most cases, they have to follow the parameters that the client gives the team. 

In some instances, however, the clients give them the liberty to handle the design—given that they work alongside the design team. Nevertheless, front-end programmers are an important part of any web development team. 

HTML, CSS, Javascript are the big three that any front-end programmer should master. These programming trends and languages are what all companies look for when it comes to hiring front-end developers.

What is a front-end developer

How web designers work with front-end developers

They may closely resemble each other’s work, as they both have the parameters of creating and designing, but their scope of work will always be different from each other.

Putting it simply, web designers work with a blank slate—think about a painter about to create a masterpiece. On the other hand, front-end developers create the canvas that web designers work on.

Front-end devs work on building the app or the website from scratch. This is another reason why they need to master and familiarize themselves with the likes of HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

With web designers, they have a little more control over the design aspects of the project. But as mentioned, they need to follow the client’s instructions as to what the finished product should look like. 

They work hand in hand in a way that one’s finished output is another’s canvas. In other words, this is an example of an agile workflow.

Agile workflow is how most tech departments work, which enhances productivity and efficiency. It typically involves breaking up work into smaller phases, and as expected, this leads to a collaborative environment.

Front-end developer salary 

The salary grade for front-end developers is relative to their experience, expertise, and years in the field. It can also rely on where they’re located—leading some companies to outsource their efforts to countries outside of the first-world tier.

Outsourcing to countries like the Philippines allows employers to maintain the quality of their projects while not going over budget with labor costs.

Front-end developers earn a little bit more than their non-technical counterparts. In case you’re wondering, other practices and branches in the developer circle are on par with these salary figures.

Front-end developer salary: US vs PH

Annual front-end developer salary
Junior developerMid developerSenior developer
United StatesUS$70,000US$74,000US$113,000
Philippines ₱ 367,500 (US$7,244)  ₱ 540,000 (US$10,644)₱ 786,000 (US$15,493)


The table shows how these developers are compensated in both the US and the Philippines. But do keep in mind that these are the national average salaries and are subject to change.

In the US, a junior dev with one to four years of experience is paid US$70,000 annually, which means they earn around US$35 per hour. 

On the other hand, in the Philippines, they can only earn ₱ 367,500 (or US$7,244) a year. That is about ₱ 30,625 a month.

Mid-level devs (five to seven years of experience) in the US earn as much as US$74,000 a year, while in the Philippines, they get paid around ₱ 540,000 (or US$10,644). 

Finally, senior developers with over eight years of experience get $113,000 annually, while their Philippine counterparts only get ₱ 786,000 (or US$15,493).

These rates are given despite having the same years of experience.

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