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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)


What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a type of business model that helps a company to be more conscious of the impact they have on the economy, environment and society.

A proper corporate social responsibility can bring a lot of competitive advantages to any company, such as increased sales and profits, cost savings, and improved brand image.

It also enhances customer loyalty, better decision making and management processes.

For a company to be socially responsible, it first needs to be accountable to itself and the shareholders. 

Companies that adopt corporate social responsibility programs can grow their business to where they can give back to society. 

The more visible a company is, the more responsibility it has to set standards of enhancing society and environment instead of contributing negatively to them.

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What is corporate social responsibility

What are the benefits of corporate social responsibility for companies?

CSR has many beneficial results that can apply to businesses of any size and sector.

Below are the benefits of corporate social responsibility for your company.

  • Improving brand image
  • Boost employee confidence
  • Positive business reputation
  • Increase sales
  • Reaching a wider market
  • Gaining customer loyalty
  • Savings of operational costs 
  • Organizational growth

Types of corporate social responsibilities your business can practice

Recognizing the importance of socially responsible efforts to their customers, workers, and stakeholders, many businesses concentrate their efforts on a major corporate social responsibility.

Here are the corporate social responsibilities your business can practice.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility is the concept that businesses should behave in as environmentally-friendly a way as possible. 

It’s one of the most common forms of corporate social responsibility that companies use the term environmental stewardship to refer to such initiatives.

Your business can show environmental leadership by recycling your products, using eco-friendly materials, and giving back to the environment.

By showing that your business cares about the preservation of the environment, you can gain more support from society and also build a great reputation for your brand.

Philanthropic responsibility

Philanthropic responsibility refers to a company’s active efforts to make the world and society a better place.

Organizations inspired by philanthropic responsibilities usually donate a percentage of their earnings besides operating as ethically and ecologically friendly as possible. 

Many businesses give to charities and organizations that correspond with their guiding missions. Others donate to deserving causes that have nothing to do with their business. 

Ethical responsibility

The goal of ethical responsibility is to ensure that an organization operates in a fair and ethical manner. 

Organizations that embrace ethical responsibility strive to treat all stakeholders fairly, from leaders, investors, even remote teams to suppliers, and customers.

A company may demand that its goods, ingredients, or materials be sourced in accordance with free trade standards. Many enterprises have systems in place to guarantee that they are not gaining items from slavery or child labor.

Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility is the practice of a company supporting all of its financial decisions with a desire to do well for the company. 

The ultimate objective is not only to maximize profits, but to have a beneficial influence on the environment, people, and society.

Economic responsibility does not only impact the value of a company but also its employees and the well-being of the economy as well.  Companies that take part in economic responsibility are truly looking forward to a greater social environment.

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