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Deutsche Knowledge Services Pte. Ltd.


About Deutsche Knowledge Services Pte. Ltd.

Established in 1977 as an offshore Banking unit of its parent company, Deutsche Knowledge Services Pte. Ltd. offers financial management services to its Deutsche Bank’s global internal businesses. Operating from Manila in Philippines, the company has over 2,000 loyal employees across the country.

As of now, Deutsche Knowledge Services offers multiples support services to enable the growth of the group. These services are inclusive of financial reporting, product control, cost management and operational services. The competent team which contains the best professionals in their respective fields, provide services end to end services to its parent company. The company also provides services such as change management, manpower resources and Information Technology services.

Deutsche Bank’s expansion in Asia Pacific can be attributed to its subsidiary Deutsche Knowledge Services. Right from acquiring its banking license from the Bangko Sentral ng Philipinas to getting the approval for being the cash settlement bank at the Philippine Stock exchange was all through the back end support of the Deutsche Knowledge Services.

The bank has over the years established multiple social service programs such as providing education and building educational infrastructure for the children of the country.


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