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How cloud staffing voice agents brings the best results

How cloud staffing voice agents brings the best results

Voice agents handle various tasks and functions in contact centers. 

Their duties range from handling customer complaints, debt collection, and data verification to lead generation and sales marketing.

As client-facing employees, these agents represent the companies they work for and act as the customers’ first point of contact.

Thus, many businesses outsource their voice agents from reputable firms like Cloudstaff to ensure they’ll have high-quality agents.

Cloud staffing business functions has become one of the most reliable business methods of ensuring cost-effective process efficiency.

Cloud staffing voice agents: How it works

Cloud staffing refers to the practice of working without having employees physically present in your office.

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The term was coined by Cloudstaff Modern Workforce, a Clark-based firm that provides scalable outsourcing solutions to businesses.

In essence, cloud staffing can be compared to cloud storage which allows non-physical data storage.

In cloud storage, data is stored in physical servers in data centers or server farms. Thus, the “cloud” here is the physical location of the servers.

Cloud staffing voice agents works the same way. Your cloud staff works remotely in an offshore physical location.

This removes a significant amount of logistical burdens on your end of running business operations.

Aside from easing the logistic side of operations, cloud staffing voice agents – or any other role – has many other benefits.

Cloud staffing voice agents: How it works

Benefits of cloud staffing voice agents

Cloud staffing voice agents presents many advantages to businesses of all sizes.

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These advantages include:

Labor and overhead costs reduction

Cost-efficiency is one of the most well-known benefits of cloud staffing for any business function.

Outsourcing firms typically have operations in developing countries with significantly lower costs of living compared to most Western countries.

This difference in living costs translates into a labor cost reduction that can go as much as 70% lower.

Moreover, these firms shoulder your cloud staff’s equipment, training, and other overhead expenses, further increasing your savings.

24/7 staff availability

Cloud staffing gives you access to voice agents available around the clock.

Outsourcing firms make this setup available by having staff work on rotating shifts that cover 24-hour work operations.

Needless to say, having voice agents available to your clients no matter what time they call significantly improves customer satisfaction.

Access to premium technology

Outsourcing firms often possess the latest premium technology for various industries.

Cloud staffing voice agents through such firms gives you access to these technologies without having to purchase them yourself.

In addition, your cloud staff will already be familiar with these technologies, and you wouldn’t have to waste time training them.

Easily scalable

Scalability is another major advantage of cloud staffing.

This practice allows you to easily increase or decrease your cloud workforce depending on the present demand.

Moreover, you can increase the number of your cloud staff without worrying about training as you’ll be provided with voice agents that hit the ground running.

Improved efficiency

Cloud staffing voice agents also improves the overall efficiency of the tasks you assign them.

Outsourcing firms often employ experienced professionals to serve as the cloud staff for other businesses.

Whether these agents handle customer support, medical billing, or bookings and reservations, you can be sure that your cloud staff will know the best practices.

Benefits of cloud staffing voice agents

Hire your voice agents thru Cloudstaff

Cloudstaff is one of the Philippines’ leading outsourcing solutions providers.

Partnering with Cloudstaff for your voice agents’ needs will give you access to the company’s vast pool of Filipino talents.

Incidentally, Filipinos are in high demand when it comes to voice agent roles due to their neutral accent, English proficiency, and familiarity with Western culture.

Moreover, Cloudstaff boasts world-class facilities and leading-edge technology that you can gain access to when you hire your cloud staff through them.

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