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Top 10 UK companies that outsource services

Top examples of UK companies that are outsourcing their operations

The Philippine offshore outsourcing industry and Western companies have always had this productive professional relationship. 

The Philippines’ outsourcing services help companies on their other side of the world expand their businesses while saving almost 70 per cent on employment costs. In addition, they get to enjoy the Philippines’ top-notch talent and wide pool of dedicated professionals.

On the other side, Western companies provide thousands of job opportunities for their Filipino employees. They contribute to the country’s taxes, therefore helping the people’s lives and the country’s economy.

UK companies aren’t immune to cutting costs and one of the most effective ways to do that is by outsourcing.

Through the years, more and more companies dip their toes into outsourcing in the Philippines.

One of the countries that have greatly benefited from the Philippine offshore outsourcing industry is the United Kingdom.

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Top 10 UK companies that practice outsourcing

Here are some examples of UK companies that are successfully outsourcing to the Philippines. It is relatively lower compared to the number of US companies that outsource to the latter country. 

However, due to the inevitable global recession due to COVID-19, a good number of UK companies are expected to seek the help of the country’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

1. HSBC Holdings PlcInvestment banking company
2. Prudential PlcGlobal insurance firm
3. Unilever PlcConsumer goods company
4. GlaxoSmithKline PlcMultinational pharmaceutical company
5. Standard CharteredBanking and financial services firm
6. Avon Products, Inc.Network marketing company
7. TransferwiseOnline money transfer services provider
8. DysonTechnology company


HSBC Holdings Plc

HSBC Holdings Plc

HSBC Holdings Plc (“HSBC”) is the sixth-largest bank in the world, and the largest one in Europe. Headquartered in Canary Wharf, London, the multinational investment bank serves more than 40 million customers in 64 countries and territories around the world.

How they outsource

HSBC has been in the Philippines for over 140 years. Through the century, the financial services company provided a world of interesting and varied opportunities for qualified Filipino employees. To help serve its millions of customers around the world, HSBC outsourced its back office operations (including IT support, research, and customer service, among others) in the Philippines.

To know more about HSBC Philippines, visit their website.

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Prudential Plc

Prudential Plc

Prudential Plc is a multinational insurance and financial services company founded and headquartered in London, United Kingdom. 

The British multinational insurance company has been providing financial security, life insurance services, and mutual funds operations around the world for over 170 years. To know more about Prudential, visit their website.

How they outsource

Prudential Plc established various offices and acquired rapidly growing businesses in the Philippines. The firm’s offices took care of not only the company’s back-office operations, but also helped with their sales and marketing functions.

Unilever Plc

Unilever Plc

Unilever is one of the world’s leading consumer good companies, owning over 400 brands that are available in over 190 countries. 

The company’s wide range of products includes food, beauty products, cleaning agents, pet food, personal care, and more.

To know more about Unilever’s activities, visit their website.

How they outsource

Unilever Philippines outsources services in key areas, namely financial, human resources, and information technology.

When the company expanded its operations in the Philippines in 2015, its Chief Enterprise and Technology Officer Mark Smith said, “The Philippines is one of our fastest-growing markets and offers sound infrastructure and access to strong talent. 

“Having the right people, with the right skills and the right mindset is key. That’s where Manila qualifies very highly,” Smith adds.

GlaxoSmithKline Plc

GlaxoSmithKline Plc

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is the sixth-largest pharmaceutical company in the world in 2019. It is a public limited company founded in December 2000 and is headquartered in England, UK.

Currently, GSK has three global businesses that do the research, development, and manufacturing of their pharmaceutical and healthcare products and vaccines. 

To know more about GSK, visit their website.

How they outsource

GSK currently has two main offices in the Philippines. The country outsources some of its medical manufacturing functions in the country. 

In addition, they also hire Filipino offshore staff to perform roles like Medical Representatives, Safety Officers, Packaging Operators, IT Analysts, and more.

Standard Chartered Plc

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is a multinational banking and financial services company with over 1200 branches and outlets in 70 countries around the globe. It is also the oldest foreign bank in the Philippines.

The company offers a wide scope of transaction banking, financial markets, and corporate finance services. 

How they outsource

Standard Chartered offers a range of career opportunities to offshore locations to utilize the benefits of offshore staffing. 

Aside from providing job opportunities through their branches, the firm also offers careers that cover various roles including: 

  • Relationship managers
  • Investment advisors 
  • Investment specialists
  • Wealth planner trust and fiduciary specialist
  • Credit specialists and product specialists

To know more about Standard Chartered, visit their website.

Avon Products, Inc.

Avon Products, Inc

Did you know that Avon Products, Inc. is headquartered in London, UK, but was founded in New York in 1885? It is also one of the top examples of UK companies outsourcing to the Philippines.

Avon Products, Inc. is a network marketing company that deals with beauty, personal care, and household products for both men and women. 

The company claims to be a global movement and a “pioneer in listening to women’s needs and speaking out for them.” 

How they outsource

As we know, Avon Products, Inc. trusted a chunk of its manufacturing operations into offshore destinations, which may include the Philippines. 

The company also has thousands of door-to-door salespeople (“Avon Ladies”) all over the country that help sell their products.

To know more about Avon Products, Inc., visit their website.



Transferwise is a convenient online money transfer service headquartered in London, UK. 

The firm, which was founded in 2010, lets users send and receive money to and from abroad at an affordable rate. It also supports more than 750 currencies across the world.

How they outsource

While the majority of Transferwise’s operations are outsourced to Estonian and Ukrainian developers, they also seek the help of Filipino offshore staff for their engineering needs.

To know more about Transferwise, visit their website.



Last but not least on our list of examples of UK companies that are outsourcing to the Philippines is Dyson.

Dyson is a British technology company that specializes in designing and manufacturing various household appliances. 

They produce appliances like vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, air purifiers, and fans. Currently, Dyson has over 12,000 employees all over the world. 

How they outsource

Dyson established its advanced manufacturing facility in Calamba, Laguna, in 2016. The facility employs 600 workers and produces 13 million “Dyson Hyperdymium” motors a year.

Recently, the technology company announced that it is expanding its operations in the Philippines by putting up a new dedicated software laboratory.

Dyson COO Scott Maguire said that this expansion will further support the Philippine economy, as it will generate 400 more highly skilled roles in software engineering and development over the next three years.

To know more about Dyson Philippines, visit their website.

Take note, however, that outsourcing is not only for corporations and conglomerate businesses. Offshore staffing is for businesses of all sizes. 

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a small to a medium-sized business owner, you can always benefit from the advantages of outsourcing.

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Why do UK companies outsource to service providers

One of the main advantages of outsourcing is saving resources and UK companies—specifically—are cutting costs and revamping their business models to be more effective.

During these unprecedented times, UK-based business owners and major decision-makers are looking for ways to keep their organizations afloat, despite the ongoing global recession brought by the pandemic.

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