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How to build topical authority for your brand

How to build topical authority for your brand

When new businesses create their websites, sometimes it is difficult to build their brand reputation from scratch, especially in a competitive industry.

Topical authority is the key to gaining credibility on the search engine and establishing yourself as the go-to source for anything related to your niche.

Continue reading to learn more about topical authority and how you can build it.

What is topical authority?

Topical authority is when a website gains the credibility to be the top source or at least one of the top resources for a certain topic or niche.

Gaining authority helps your website shoot up in the search rankings while you establish your brand as an expert in the field, making people more likely to visit your site.

This is usually achieved when a site owner produces content that covers topics as a whole versus individual content.

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What is topical authority
What is topical authority?

How does topical authority work?

Topical authority is earned when Google analyzes your site and deems it as credible and a valid source of information that aims to provide a better experience for users.

It started when Google rolled out its Hummingbird algorithm, which analyzes a page’s content, links, and relevance to a user’s search query. 

Nowadays, Google vets pages and websites based on expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, which is essential for gaining higher rankings.

Why is topical authority important?

A website that does not have topical authority will not rank on the search engines and, in turn, will not be seen by users.

As a brand, it is important to stand out from the competition, and gaining topical authority plays a huge role in that.

Producing high-quality content and interlinking with high-authority websites helps Google find your content and rank it higher, increasing your credibility and trustworthiness to readers.

Tips to build topical authority

Topical authority is not impossible to achieve, but only if you follow the right strategies. Here are some tips to consider:

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Prioritize keyword research

Topical authority is all about mastering your niche, and one way to do that is by investing in keyword research.

Take the time to identify seed keywords as a starting point and build a list of keywords from there. You can utilize various keyword research tools to speed up the process.

Once you have a good amount of keywords, create topic clusters to group similar ones together. This ensures that relevant content is connected so that users have an easier time finding answers to their queries.

Write quality content

Writing informative articles is key to being recognized as a high-authority site by Google. It is ideal to start with general or broad content before going deeper into more specific topics.

Starting off with general topics before writing supporting articles creates a unified, holistic view of your niche and guides the readers as they navigate through your site.

It ensures that every piece of content is connected and relevant to each other, further establishing your expertise in the field.

Link to credible sites

No matter how in-depth your article is, it can always benefit from having relevant links to boost authority.

Link building is necessary for gaining topical authority as it further supports the content of a particular page and provides supplementary information to the reader.

Furthermore, getting links from high-authority sites boosts your own site’s reputation, as other experts in the field recognize you as an expert as well.

Tips to build topical authority
Tips to build topical authority

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