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The importance of having a multilingual customer support team

Ever wondered how to expand your business in other countries? Tap into local customers with the help of a multilingual support team.

One of the most prolific ‘disadvantages’ of having an offshore team is cultural differences and language barriers. With a multilingual team, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.

Having a multicultural team is good practice. It opens us up to how diverse our society is and how we can overcome differences in productive ways.

Why having a multilingual team is beneficial to your business

A multilingual team can be beneficial in terms of dispersing language barriers between you and your customers.

Through them, you can get in touch with your consumer base in other countries without so much as a phrase getting lost in translation.

Transition easier to another country with an active list of leads and prospects in the area.

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Widen your language scope

Sloppy translations and misunderstandings due to differences can be eliminated by having a multilingual team.

Most professionals in the corporate world can speak English fluently. In order to stand out, it’s time to step up your game and introduce your company to the top four languages that are spoken in the world today.

Reach out to more people—internationally.

As briefly mentioned earlier, having a multilingual team will help you reach out to your international community. Language barriers are one of the biggest hindrances when it comes to having an international audience. 

Take down the cultural differences.

In the modern world, every workplace is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. It’s up to us how to navigate these differences. Let us educate ourselves about the issues that are pertinent to each and every one of us.

Aside from getting a wider customer reach, having a multilingual support team can become a catalyst for a more diverse and sophisticated workplace.

Benefits of having a multilingual support team

Of course, there are obvious advantages to having a multilingual team working alongside you. With a diverse team, you could identify the areas wherein there’s a gap in production due to language differences and such.

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With a multilingual team, you could expand into the local industry. You could form meaningful and beneficial relationships with the talent pool, other business heads, and industry experts.

Benefits of having a multilingual support team

Boosts loyalty 

Boost morale and loyalty amongst your audiences with a support team that speaks the local tongue. You could make most of your website and knowledge base available in multiple languages so that consumers can find what they’re looking for without having to pick up the phone.

Gives your business an edge

Being able to deliver excellent customer service in other languages will certainly give you an edge. In times where the industry is most competitive, step up your game.

Letting people find what they’re looking for without having to contact an agent is a good practice according to SoGoSurvey.

Improves feedback

This point ties somewhat directly to the first one. When you have a loyal customer base, they will most likely provide constructive feedback, which then you can use to fuel your progress even further.

That being said, having a multilingual support team isn’t just for diversity brownie points. There will always be a play at power here and it’s up to us on how to combat deeply ingrained issues at hand.

On a lighter note, the Philippines is considered to be one of the most prolific melting pot of cultures in Asia. It’s not a surprise that an average Filipino can speak at least two languages. Most of them step up their game by learning another language or two, thereby widening their net of opportunities.

Top outsourcing provider Helpware ensures that those individuals have enough opportunities to go through. From customized recruiting advancements dedicated to each client program, career pathing, and continuous learning, the company prides itself on delivering excellent services to its more than 150 multinational clients.

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