The advantages of outsourcing Filipino creatives

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Professionals in trainingThe Philippines, located in the heart of Asia, is a melting pot of cultures. Filipinos have been known to be very friendly and hospitable, and this positivity is mainly what attracts people to visit the country. In recent years, and with the development of the country, young Filipinos have also proven to be quite talented in their fields. From fashion designers to graphic artists to musical legends, immense talent has put the Philippines on the map. With the rise of technology, young Filipino millennials have also learned to expand their horizons through freelancing. Here are some reasons why hiring Filipino creative talents is a great option for you and your company.

 1. Filipinos are excellent English speakers.

No one country in Southeast Asia speaks English more fluently than the Philippines. The Philippines was colonized by the Americans and the Spanish centuries ago, and the influence of these foreign countries have remained in the country since. The educational system of the Philippines greatly follows that of the United States, and it is imperative for schools to teach their subjects in English. This gives the Filipino students a great advantage in their English speaking and writing skills.

 2.  They have global influences.

Having been exposed to a lot of cultures, Filipinos often look up to influences from different parts of the globe. This gives them a globally competitive standard when it comes to their ideas and creative outputs.

 3. Rates are lower.

Let’s face it, any company would want a bang for their buck. Luckily in the Philippines, rates are a lot lower than in the U.S., so you get great quality work at a much lower cost.

Multi Tasking Professionals

 4. They are multitalented.

It is now rare to find a Filipino millennial who doesn’t wear multiple hats. Especially in an incredibly dynamic industry like publishing or marketing, young employed individuals are usually required to learn more than one defined skillset. Writers often are not just writers, and graphic designers often serve more services than just graphic design. With this said, it would be a lot easier for employers to maximize their budget by getting a team who can do more, as freelancers sometimes provide holistic packages to their clients.


 5. They are easy to work with.

As mentioned, Filipinos are known to be really friendly people. No matter where you go, you will not be greeted with the same warmth and smiles as you would if you went to the Philippines. This also translates into the workplace. Filipinos are a breeze to talk to. Not to mention their English skills are great, so language barriers will not be a problem here.

 6. They are online all the time.

The Philippines is the social capital of the world, which means Filipinos are online all the time. Being always on and always connected makes the hiring process way easier. In addition, when you are already working with them, it will also be easier for you to reach them because of their regular online activity.

No matter what industry you are in, outsourcing some of your workforce will be beneficial for you. Not only does it lessen your overhead cost, it also makes your projects more time-efficient. With the emerging Filipino talent pool, you know you will be in safe hands. Needless to say, you should definitely take some serious consideration in hiring these bright-eyed creatives.

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