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Software QA: Why hire a cloud staff to do it?

Software QA: Why hire a cloud staff to do it

Great software QA is essential for every kind of platform, from websites to computers and mobile applications. In order to ensure a smooth user experience at the time of launch, any software product needs to undergo rigorous testing.

When done well, an effective QA process can prevent big problems at the end of a project and save time and money for any company. However, it can also be a critical process.

That is why it is important to hire QA engineers. The easiest way to do it is through cloud staffing.

What is software QA?

Software quality assurance (QA) ensures that all developmental processes, methods, activities, and work items in your applications or system are tested, monitored, and compliant with international standards.

These predefined standards could be one or a combination of things like ISO 9000, CMMI model, ISO15504, among others. 

Generally, there are two types of software QA testing — functional testing and performance testing.

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Functional testing is where QAs ensure that all systems are working as expected and that each design component operates as intended. Performance testing, on the other hand, is where experts examine how the application performs in different situations. 

Software QA testers can also perform penetration testing, in which they try to hack into online systems, so they can determine any vulnerabilities before deploying your product. 

What is software QA?

Why hire a software QA cloud staff?

Cloud staffing occurs when work is delegated to an external team or organization rather than being undertaken by a company’s in-house staff.

Working with a software QA cloud staff presents several benefits, including the following:

Reduced cost

Software QA needs the right combination of skills and latest technologies to execute the complex task of ensuring that the product has excellent usability, functionality, and security. This could be expensive.

Rather than investing your resources, it is more practical to outsource the testing to a panel of experts in the field.

Cloud staffers can significantly increase the quality of your product at a quarter of the cost of an internal QA team.

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Improved quality

From a delivery standpoint, testing is frequently overlooked in favor of development. Then, software QAs are pushed to the side, compromising the quality of your product. 

A cloud staff ensures that all end-to-end testing is committed in your company. As a result, a more thoroughly tested and high-quality product would be deployed to the market.

Knowledge pool

Let’s say your team is developing a specific application to be released globally. Your internal IT team is working tirelessly on the development side, but they do not have the testing strategies needed to ensure digital security and functionality. 

This is where a software QA cloud staff would prove beneficial. They have more expansive expertise and infrastructure that may otherwise be limited within internal teams.

They have access to different devices, personal testing platforms, and cloud infrastructures to modify your projects as necessary and meet your goals.

Why hire a software QA cloud staff?

Reduced management effort

Delegating your software QA activities to a cloud staff minimizes your testing workload. You have someone to help you keep track of testing operations and execution progress or schedule a defect assessment meeting.

This also means that your effort and time could be spent on your organization’s core competencies and other ongoing projects.

New perspective

It’s usually difficult for people to discover the flaws of a program that they have written from scratch. That said, an external QA may offer a fresh, unbiased pair of eyes to check all underlying hooks.

Moreover, cloud staffing will give your in-house team useful insights on product flaws, hazards, and capabilities without having any personal connection to the product.

Test your software quality with Cloudstaff

A cloud staff could make software development and testing cost-effective. They could also help accelerate the delivery of the product to the end-users.

Cloudstaff Modern Workforce provides skilled software QA and test engineers that can discover the hidden bugs in your systems before they’re released in the market. This improves the user experience and ensures that your innovations work the way they are supposed to.

Their qualified and trained testers can create structured frameworks that increase outcome delivery and reduce problems in your projects. Cloudstaff SQAs can help deliver a better user experience to your customers.

Ensure high-quality products now with Cloudstaff.

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