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5 reasons to hire an offshore sales coordinator

Sales coordinators play an essential role in businesses of all types. As a part of the sales team, their primary goal is to ensure that the sales process runs smoothly, from identifying leads to closing deals.

They are responsible for coordinating sales efforts, managing customer relationships, and providing administrative support to the sales team.

Finding the right person for this job can be challenging, especially when solely relying on hiring in-house. That’s where offshore hiring solutions come into play.

Set Up My Offshore shares the five reasons an offshore sales coordinator may solve your business needs.

What does a sales coordinator do?

Sales coordinators are responsible for managing sales and administrative processes. They assist sales managers in overseeing sales teams and ensuring each member achieves their targets.

Some of their notable responsibilities include creating and managing customer records, coordinating sales events, and responding to customer requests.

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What does a sales coordinator do
What does a sales coordinator do

Challenges in hiring an in-house sales coordinator

Hiring an in-house sales coordinator is not as straightforward as it sounds. While sales positions have ceased to be one of the hardest roles to fill for years now, challenges in hiring them are still rampant.

Below are some common challenges businesses face when hiring in-house:

Talent pool limitations

The talent pool for sales positions is often limited, especially in smaller cities and towns with fewer candidates. High salaries for sales roles in Australia make hiring more challenging for small businesses.

As a result, firms may be unable to find someone with the right skills and experience locally.

Rigid onboarding

In-house coordinators may require extensive training on company processes, product knowledge, and sales techniques. 

This can be time-consuming and costly, and finding someone with the right experience and skills can be a challenge.

Lack of diversity

Companies with a limited talent pool in their area may also struggle with a lack of diversity in their candidates. This can lead to less inclusivity and creativity in the sales processes.

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Why hire an offshore sales coordinator

Offshore hiring is a viable solution to finding the perfect sales coordinator. Below are some reasons why businesses should consider offshoring sales coordinators:

Skill and talent diversity

Offshoring opens up a wider talent pool with diverse skills and experiences.

A business can hire offshore sales coordinators with skill sets matching their needs and requirements. In addition, hiring offshore increases their diversity in terms of talent capacity.

Professionalism with compassion

Offshore sales coordinators are just as motivated and hard-working as local hires, and they are driven to succeed. Many offshore sales coordinators work in teams managed by industry experts, ensuring professionalism and compassion.

Professionalism with compassion
Why hire an offshore sales coordinator

Cost reduction

Offshore hiring helps businesses save money by reducing overhead and labor costs.

Offshore sales coordinators usually work at a fraction of the cost of in-house sales coordinators, given the lower cost of living. Offshoring to the Philippines can even help save up to 60% of their labor costs.

With this, employers can avoid incurring extra costs for recruiting and onboarding new hires.

Flexible scaling

Offshore hiring allows businesses to scale their workforce based on their needs. Firms can hire teams for specific projects and have an extension of their teams.

This means businesses can adjust their hiring requirements to match their demand levels.

Guaranteed ROI

Offshore staffing solutions guarantee a return on investment (ROI) from their efforts. They do this by providing skilled and competent professionals who can contribute to the business’s bottom line.

Hiring a sales coordinator with Set Up My Offshore

Set Up My Offshore offers remote staffing solutions by providing highly skilled and experienced sales coordinators for small and medium businesses across Australia.

With the company’s assistance, clients can save up to 60% on hiring their new sales coordinator while enjoying the experience of working with an easygoing, collaborative offshore team.

Set Up My Offshore’s team of experts will outline the duties and responsibilities of the new staff member based on the business needs. 

Once they clearly understand the company’s requirements, they will shortlist suitable candidates based in their Philippines office.

Hire a sales coordinator from Set Up My Offshore and take your business to the next level!

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