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10 recruitment ideas outside the box to find new talent

10 recruitment ideas outside the box to find new talent

Anyone who has tried job hunting knows all the challenges that come with it, such as not getting callbacks or finding out you got rejected.

However, sometimes, it is just as hard for recruiters and hiring managers as they struggle to find the right talent to fill a certain job for their organization.

While traditional recruitment includes sending out a job posting and waiting for people to apply, it doesn’t always work out as the competition is very tight and saturated.

Not to mention, many of your competitors are also looking for the same talent.

Therefore, it may be time for recruiters to implement creative recruitment ideas outside the box to find more talent uniquely.

Why you need to try recruitment ideas outside the box

Recruiting is difficult and time-consuming, especially with so many employees and job hunters moving in between jobs at high rates.

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It is something that companies can’t always control, so the best thing to do is to adapt and change your recruitment style so that applicants are enticed to stay longer.

While traditional recruitment methods work at times, they don’t always bring the best results. Additionally, companies everywhere do the same thing, so making your brand stand out can be difficult.

It is time to think outside the box and try unconventional approaches to find potential employees. This way, you can attract more people and do something the other companies aren’t.

Why you need to try recruitment ideas outside the box
Why you need to try recruitment ideas outside the box

10 recruitment ideas outside the box to find new talent 

Recruiting new employees can be tricky and time-consuming, but it can also be done in fun and unique ways that attract potential candidates in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Here are ten creative recruiting ideas to try out when looking for your next best employee:

1. Try other media

Recruiters tend to use more professional job-posting sites, such as LinkedIn or Indeed, to get the word out that they are hiring.

However, too many people posting job listings on these platforms make them quite crowded. Your job posting may just get buried under a bunch of others.

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It is best to consider alternatives. Your alternatives do not have to be official job posting websites either!

Other non-traditional platforms such as YouTube, forums, or social media like Instagram or even TikTok can also help you reach a wider market of people looking for work.

2. Reach out via radio

A lot of people might think the radio is only for music, but it is also a unique way to advertise and reach out to a wider audience.

According to the Pew Research Center, around 80% of people listen to the radio every week, whether in their car or on an audio streaming platform. Someone listening is likely looking for some work.

Reach out via radio
10 recruitment ideas outside the box to find new talent

3. Upgrade or get creative with your job listings

Sometimes, it all goes back to the advertisement. Perhaps a reason why job seekers do not apply to certain jobs is because they were turned off by the job posting.

You can get creative with your job ads by adding some graphics or coming up with a memorable headline or job position title to catch the attention of a potential applicant.

4. Host an event, gathering, or party

Hosting a social gathering may seem like a lot of work, but it creates a low-stress environment where potential candidates can learn more about the company.

At the same time, the host or other people at said event can also learn more about you.

It doesn’t have to be a house party with music and drinks either. You can talk to your boss or superior about participating in a career fair where you can scout potential candidates.

These career fairs are usually held in schools or universities where students can get a headstart in looking for prospective careers once they graduate.

5. Host a competition

Bring out people’s competitive spirits by hosting a competition. This idea is great for creatives who want to show their skills in their craft, such as graphic artists, writers, or even chefs.

Not only are contests a great way for applicants to showcase their skills, but for the recruiters to get a firsthand sense of their capabilities and skills.

The winner of this competition can be offered a position at the company, while those who were not selected can also receive a reward (monetary or not) for their participation.

6. Produce a recruitment video

Video is a powerful medium that can connect with an audience without being there directly. 

Make a video explaining company culture, showing employee testimonials, or even taking a tour of the office (if applicable.)

Furthermore, candidates can only gather so much information from just the job posting alone. Providing additional material or insight into the business could entice people to apply.

7. Turn to your loyal customers

Use brand loyalty to your advantage and target customers who are fans of the brand.

For example, if you are an athletics company like Nike or Adidas, you can target athletes or sports fans and offer them a job.

One creative way to do this is to hide a job posting in the packaging of your sneakers or other merchandise, which is something IKEA successfully did with their furniture packages.

8. Use current events to your advantage

Companies love riding the wave of current events, such as the Superbowl, Pride Month, or the release of the latest blockbuster movie. You can have your job listing centered around these themes.

These job postings are more likely to catch the attention of job seekers as they are currently relevant and fresh. It also shows the potential applicant that you are up-to-date with pop culture and what’s trending.

9. Offer a sign-on bonus

One way to incentivize applicants to accept the role once they’ve been given the offer is to give them a sign-on bonus, whether monetary or not.

Rewards like cash, the newest gadget, or even an all-expense paid trip may convince the applicant to sign the offer, ultimately making both sides happy.

10. Diversity hiring

Diversity hiring involves reviewing an applicant without biases. In other words, you will not know their identity, gender, or culture and will assess them solely on their qualifications.

This process also involves hiring without unconscious bias, resume bias, and so on to ensure an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Diversity hiring
10 recruitment ideas outside the box to find new talent 

Recruiting beyond traditional methods

While traditional recruitment methods are great, they can get lost in a sea of job postings and ads, making it more difficult to stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, non-traditional recruitment methods are unique and catch the attention of job seekers, making them more appealing to apply to.

Finding a unique way to market yourself and your company may leave a good first impression on the candidate, which could lead them to apply.

With so many companies saturating the market, make yourself stand out and explore these recruitment ideas outside the box to attract the best talent possible.

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