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Why your startup needs professional IT support

Managing a startup can be an exhilarating journey of innovation and growth. However, it also comes with its fair share of various challenges. According to Exploding Topics, most startups fail, with only around 10% making it through their fifth year. 

Organizations nowadays maximize their IT infrastructure as a part of their work. With this, they become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, security issues, and other challenges in managing their network and infrastructure.

Having professional IT support is not just an option nowadays. It is now a necessity for the success and security of your startup, especially when in-house IT staff is hardly an option.

Let’s dive into why your startup should embrace professional IT support and explore how service providers like Connext can help.

Common IT challenges faced by startups

Along the way, startups face various challenges in operating their business, ranging from limited resources to hiring suitable staffing.

In terms of managing IT, businesses may face the following challenges that can affect their operations:

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Safeguarding your digital fortress

Ensuring the security and privacy of your IT infrastructure is one way of taking care of your customers and reputation.

With limited means for cyber security, startups are highly vulnerable to hacks and data breaches. Reports reveal that around 60% of startups that fall victim to breaches go out of business within six months.

Safeguarding your digital fortress
Common IT challenges faced by startups

Scaling without stumbling

Startups yearn for growth, and growth demands scalability.

However, scaling up IT infrastructure can be a challenge. IT support in the US can cost hundreds per month, not to mention the salaries of support personnel, reaching US$3,500 monthly.

Limited resources

Startups often have to deal with limited resources, including IT staff. As a result, your talented team is spread thin, juggling IT alongside their core tasks.

Why your startup needs professional IT support

Given the challenges mentioned above, having managed services is a great solution for your limitations in IT support.

For one, service providers like Connext can be your reliable partner in hiring professionals in top destinations such as the Philippines. Its all-in packages can help you become flexible in maintaining your networks remotely.

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Apart from this, here are some reasons your business needs professional IT support.

Fewer glitches = better efficiency

With professional IT support, technical glitches can be trimmed to almost zero. Minimal downtime and rapid issue resolution combine to supercharge your startup’s efficiency and productivity.

Beacon of expertise

Having an expert team is invaluable for your startup. Unfortunately, you might encounter staff shortages with the looming skills gap and tight competition in your locality.

Professional IT support isn’t just about fixing problems; it’s about guiding your ship with the latest maps and strategies, keeping you ahead in the race.

Nipping problems in the bud

Preventing attacks by strengthening cyber security is better than facing them when they happen. This lessens your losses and prevents you from facing further implications in your network.

Professional IT support can do this for you. They monitor your systems, spotting and resolving budding issues and preventing them from becoming major disruptions.


As mentioned, hiring a full-time IT support team can be costly. You must also arm them with the equipment and systems they need for work.

Professional IT support offers a cost-effective way for this. You sail smoothly with a predictable monthly fee, complete with training, tools, and equipment for work.

Freedom to excel

When IT concerns are lifted from your team’s shoulders, they can focus on their core expertise.

Imagine your developers developing, marketers marketing, and salespeople selling – all unhindered by IT headaches.

Freedom to excel
Why your startup needs professional IT support

Round-the-clock peace of mind

Professional IT support can be your 24/7 solution when glitches and attacks happen. As a result, you can guarantee peace of mind, both for your brand and your customers.

Quality professional IT support with Connext 

Professional IT support is your startup’s anchor in the evolving technology challenges you might face.

Connext stands out in this realm. Beyond simple fixes and troubleshooting, its expertise extends to holistic solutions tailored to startups. 

With a proven track record, the firm ensures your startup’s technology process is smooth, secure, and forward-focused.

Connext is prepared with its managed services and staff augmentation solutions. Its teams are ready to steer you toward a future where IT challenges are conquered and opportunities abound.

Get in touch with Connext through its website to get started.

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