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Outsourcing to Tunisia: What you need to know

While there are well-known locations for business process outsourcing, it pays to always be on the lookout. 

Tunisia, for example, continues to gain ground as a provider of offshore services. Its growing talent pool and government-driven subsidies make this North African nation a promising alternative for businesses of all sizes.

To make the most out of the aggressive Tunisian outsourcing market, first, take the time to know more about your next BPO partner. 

This article will explain why outsourcing to Tunisia can be lucrative for your business growth.

Tunisia as a rising outsourcing center

The Republic of Tunisia is the northernmost country in the African continent. 

Bordered by Libya to the east and Algeria to the west, this nation serves as the gateway to Africa, especially those crossing the Mediterranean Sea to its north and eastern borders.

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Once holding the distinction as the most competitive African economy, Tunisia is making a comeback on the international stage. 

Back in November 2015, the local national government launched Smart Tunisia. This partnership between the Tunisian government and local businesses aims to position the Arab country as a competitive hub in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

Pouring over $500 in investments and infrastructures from 2015 to 2020, the program has driven both employment rates as well as international demand for their skilled workforce.

Additionally, a review from the Oxford Business Group identifies the strength of the local workforce in the IT sector. 

Tunisian professionals are exposed to high-level training and certification processes. The government has also set up a start-up incubator to further capitalize on homegrown talents.

Tunisia as a rising outsourcing center

5 reasons why firms are outsourcing to Tunisia 

In the Digital Age, businesses will inevitably turn to ICT services. For companies looking to outsource their tech and IT needs, here are five points that make Tunisia the new BPO hotspot in the EMEA region.

1. Access to a growing talent pool 

When Smart Tunisia was launched, it targeted 50,000 new jobs in the IT sector by 2020. With over 50 educational institutions across the African nation, Tunisia has been creating engineers, technicians, and administrators.

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The Smart Tunisia initiative also played a part in developing its workforce. Under the five-year plan is the Strengthening Foundations for Learning Project, which improves basic education in the country. 

Not only does it drive the local literacy rates, but it also prepares Tunisian students for technical and entrepreneurial education later on.

Outsourcing to Tunisia also means tapping its 3.5 million-strong workforce, with a significant part of them in the outsourcing and tech sectors. The influx of new professionals to an already competitive market ensures a steady talent supply perfect for long-term engagements.

2. Enjoy local tax advantages

Aside from the local talent, the Tunisian government is also working hard to attract foreign investments. Local lawmakers have created the Investment Law of 2016 and the Tax Incentives Law of 2017 to strengthen their resolve.

Among the incentives provided for foreign investors are the free transfer of funds and profit in foreign currencies according to applicable ForEx legislation. 

More importantly, this legislation comes through various government subsidies such as improved competitiveness and developing employability. Even opportunities for regional and sustainable development are rewarded in Tunisia.

Additionally, the Tunisian government has extended efforts to simplify the administrative and compliance requirements. This makes it easier to set up shop and avail support from various government agencies such as the Investment Promotion Agency.

3. Multilingual speakers

Despite being an Arab nation with Tunisian Arabic as its official language, French and English are also widely spoken. This makes it easier to bridge language barriers that often derail offshoring efforts.

For French-speaking businesses, Tunisians continue to use the language for a significant part of their administrative and educational transactions. English is also used, especially among the younger population.

Their lingual and cultural adaptability makes them particularly suitable for technical tasks, minimizing risks of miscommunication whether you speak Arabic, French, or English.

4. Strategic time zone 

It might come as a surprise to many, but Tunisia shares the same time zone as Paris, France. This translates to a five-hour gap between Tunisia and the United States. 

Compared to other alternatives like outsourcing to India or the Philippines, it’s easier to match schedules and working hours with a Tunisian outsourcing partner.

By minimizing time zone differences, both your business and your Tunisian outsourcing partner save time and resources. 

Teams in different time zones can suffer from delayed responses. One compromise is usually to adopt a graveyard or changing shift schedule, which can negatively affect an employee’s quality of life, as documented in a 2019 study.

5. Attractive rates

A main driver for considering outsourcing is to cut down costs, and Tunisia is a surprisingly strong option in this regard. 

IT administrators, software engineers, and other professionals in the IT sectors generally command competitive rates. By choosing Tunisia, you get better rates without sacrificing quality.

It’s also worth noting that Tunisia is relatively politically stable compared to other regions. As a rapidly developing African nation, Tunisians can afford to offer their services at much better rates without worrying about drastic fluctuations.

5 reasons why firms are outsourcing to Tunisia

Choose Tunisia as your BPO location today

The country has reliable offshoring services providers, especially for IT-related products and services. 

Outsourcing to Tunisia helps organizations cut down on operating costs without sacrificing productivity. Its location minimizes time zone differences whether you’re from the East or the West. 

More importantly, the combination of local talents and government support makes it conducive for businesses of different sizes and industries.

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