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Here’s why you should outsource your check processing

Here’s why you should outsource your check processing

The outsourcing practice has gone a long way from offering manufacturing, call center functions, and now a wide array of services. 

Outsourcing does not just help businesses with their growth and development. It also opens up more job opportunities for a lot of people. More so, it plays a huge role in building economies around the globe. 

In terms of outsourcing functions, every outsourcing company has its specialized services. Aside from contracting out parts of finance and accounting services, other companies also outsource their check processing roles. 

This helps companies that deal with check processing in carrying out this tedious and time consuming task. 

What is outsourcing check processing?

Check processing outsourcing refers to organizations that contract out this specific job function to a third party, mainly outsourcing companies. 

Companies that process tons of checks daily are usually prone to human errors. It is especially true if the ones in charge are newbies, not well experienced nor adequately trained. Outsourcing this business function helps mitigate this type of risk. 

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Besides having well-trained and experienced employees, outsourcing providers always make sure that they utilize the latest technologies. It does not just make them step ahead of the market competition, but it also allows them to serve their clients better. 

Usually, check processing outsourcing providers cater to all clients from around the world. It is especially true with foreign companies that offshore to other countries like the Philippines.  They have huge savings without sacrificing the quality of work.  

What is outsourcing check processing
What is outsourcing check processing?

Outsourcing check processing services

Outsourcing check processing can be in any business sector. Whether for retail, online-business, or B2B firms, outsourcing vendors can handle almost anything. 

To be more specific, we have listed down a few check processing outsourcing services various companies usually avail of:    

Data entry

This refers to the data entry of different checks that an organization receives. Checks are collected through fax, internet download, scanned copies, or hard copies. 

From there, outsourced staff will then accurately extract all data and organize them into easily editable and maintainable databases. 

Check validation

Outsourcing vendors also offer verification services for physical and digital checks by checking the account holder’s history. In case of any discrepancies, the outsourced staff’s role is to validate the routing and account information before reaching out to the issuing bank. 

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Converting electronic checks

In converting electronic checks, outsourcing providers can collect the checks via different mediums like fax, phone or web. Once received, the checks will be extracted and then digitized. 

Transaction validation of checks

Outsourcing companies make use of top-of-the-line internet security systems in performing check validation transactions. Through strict internet security measures, it ensures the safety of all processes while avoiding any fraudulent acts. 

Recurring checks

This helps companies accurately manage payments, deposit checks, and collect payments promptly with recurring checks. 

Redeposit bounced checks

Checks commonly bounce because of insufficient balance,  and when this happens, it automatically results in bank fees.

Outsourcing this task helps businesses avoid the inconvenience and extra expenses of a repeated check bounce. Part of the tasks of the outsourced staff is to check the funds with the check writer before redepositing.  

How do businesses benefit from outsourcing check processing?

Outsourcing check processing does not just help organizations of all sizes and industries to enhance their efficiency and productivity. It also helps them with the following: 


Outsourcing companies always ensure that they provide top-notch infrastructure and the latest tools and technologies for their services offered. Besides having a well-built IT infrastructure, these providers also have robust security system measures to ensure the safety of all processes. 


Outsourcing, in general, helps all companies save entirely on costs. With check processing outsourcing, vendors often have customizable services based on each client’s requirements.  


Every outsourcing check processing provider has its protocols and quality control processes that are strictly followed. On top of that, they are also dedicated to continuously investing in improving their staff’s skills and capabilities. They provide a highly skilled team that alleviates the risks of committing errors or delays in check processing and more. 

How do businesses benefit from outsourcing check processing
How do businesses benefit from outsourcing check processing

Why should you outsource your check processing?

While outsourcing check processing may not be for everyone, this brings in various advantages to an organization. Outsourcing lets companies work with the leading industry professionals to precisely handle different check processing functions. 

Aside from saving on costs, outsourcing check processing follows effective protocols and strict data security measures. More so, outsourcing vendors make sure that their clients are constantly in the loop of the progress or updates regarding their contracted tasks or projects.

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