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Start your business recovery plan today

Start your business recovery plan today

The year 2020 has been extremely challenging for everyone most especially with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that has affected the lives of people around the world. In a matter of just a few months, it has brought a huge impact on the global economy, and various industries like air travel, tourism, retail, manufacturing, and more have been feeling the effects of the crisis. As companies continue to navigate through the crisis, key leaders are braced for difficult if not tricky situations and decision-making that could impact the company and possibly in the long run.

While governments are also aiding businesses through wage subsidies and working capital loans, there are several factors that company leaders should be thinking about and consider, not only to resolve and cushion the shocks that the business might be experiencing now, but also to reshape their business and its structures to make it more resilient in the future.

Building towards the new normal

Companies must start to develop new strategies based on their current situation to be able to execute new plans or developments on the way. Companies should carefully study each effect to assess what works for them or what will make their business processes more efficient. Once the outbreak is over, this would be very helpful to see any weak points in the business that may need external support.

Developing a business recovery plan outlines systems & strategies that can help companies prevent major losses. Having a business recovery plan ensures employees and assets are protected and will be able to recover in the event of a crisis.

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Building toward the new normal

Starting your business recovery plan

Companies would need to look into strategies on how to communicate and deal with stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, and financial partners. Possible strategies may include short-term and long-term plans that can help strengthen the business moving forward.

 Short-term strategies:

  1.  Working remotely– it is no doubt that the way we work has changed due to the pandemic. While working from the safety of our homes was just an option before, it is now becoming more essential with government protocols of having everyone stay at home. It is important that as company leaders we ensure that the key teams in our organizations are safe and their well-being prioritized.
  2.  Cutting non-essential costs– at this point in time, there might be some parts or processes that no longer functional or do not contribute to the efficiency of the business. Company leaders should also look into alternative supplementary that can be executed remotely or digitally.

Long-term Strategies:

  1.  Communicate with business stakeholders– this would be a good time to review the company’s methods and processes in dealing with various stakeholders. It is important to keep open lines of communication to be able to fulfill or manage obligations and expectations at a time like this. This is also essential to gain ongoing support from your stakeholders.
  2.  Reallocating specific business processes to offshoring– opting to offload back-office processes and services to an offshoring service will allow the company to spend more time innovating and marketing its products and focusing more on its customers.
Starting your business recovery plan

With these in mind, cutting operational costs is still one of the key factors in a company’s business recovery plan. This is why the trend of offshoring has become a great solution for huge companies. It allows the company and the firm to reach a common end goal with much efficiency. Offshoring may be beneficial for the company not only during a crisis but also in the long run.

There are many benefits that companies get from offshoring and some have shown growth once they have shifted towards it. It enables the company to focus on its customers and other areas of the company that needs prime support. Here are some other benefits from offshoring:

Lower manpower costs – the company will have access to skilled workers at a much lower cost versus housing a team domestically. This allows the company to be more efficient with its business processes like accounting, supply chains, etc.

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Less expensive raw materials – this allows the company to access raw materials that would cost less due to the proximity where the manufacturer sources the materials. The company will be able to access the same high-quality materials that can be used and found domestically but at a lower cost, due to this logistical advantage.

Eliminating operational concerns – at times like the COVID-19 crisis, day-to-day operational needs and requirements can be managed by the offshore firm and will be covered in the production costs so rather than an additional operational expense, this becomes supplementary support in production. Offshoring represents a net gain while reducing operational headaches.

The COVID-19 crisis was impossible to predict with conventional forecasting tools. There are many learnings and strategies that companies can take into consideration to make their businesses resilient from a crisis like this and moving forward. Businesses are rapidly changing and evolving through this crisis, adjusting to the needs of the customers while navigating and resolving financial and operational challenges.

Engaging with an offshoring service allows the company to become more efficient and would help support the company’s operational requirements. It allows a company to increase its results. Longer-term, it will help businesses to become more robust and agile in meeting their targets.

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