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The many roles of a network engineer

The many roles of a network engineer

A network engineer is a growing and evolving role in the world of information technology. It’s quite flexible within its industry and capable of taking on multiple functions as needed. 

As the role extends to the cloud, it also continues to keep itself relevant. Every company with a digital infrastructure has networks to keep everything connected and seamless. 

The network engineer uses a host of skills to make sure this network web runs well so the business can focus on its goals. 

Network engineers may sometimes be placed in roles that allow them to work offshore. Booth and Partners is one notable outsourcing firm that offers network engineers as one of their talent specializations. 

What is a network engineer? 

Network engineers are responsible for computer network design, installation, maintenance, and security. These systems allow computers to communicate with each other and share information. 

Network engineers may be employed by companies specializing in networking equipment or software companies. 

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They may also work for government agencies or other organizations that require efficient maintenance and protection of their computer systems. 

In the world of information technology, the work of network engineers is considered the backbone of the overall IT infrastructure.

What is a network engineer?

Specific positions a network engineer can take

A network engineer has a broad job description. Depending on a company’s industry and requirements, network engineers may take the following roles:

Network specialist 

A network engineer in this role oversees groups of PCs that work together. They ensure that users are able to access the right network for their business needs. 

Network specialists collect information on the network’s performance and security, ensuring they work as they should. They may also handle adding or removing software and oversee the training of new network users.

Network technician

These network engineers observe the day-to-day operations of a company’s online network. Any added or removed software or hardware also falls under their responsibility. 

Network technicians tackle any PC issues and come up with ways for organizations to meet their network needs. To do so, they also communicate extensively with clients and other network engineers.

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Network administrator

This type of network engineer is also called a system administrator. Network administrators make sure a company’s network is updated and running smoothly. 

Multiple software platforms require coordination which the network administrator provides.

Network analyst

Network analysts install and maintain the network within an organization. Network engineers here are often looped into some business decisions where applying a technical solution is necessary. 

Network analysts design technical help for network problems. They may also research and assess network technology. This role is commonly found in large retail companies as well as government and financial institutions.

Network manager

The network manager is also responsible for installing and maintaining a company’s network. In addition, they also train and prepare staff to troubleshoot. 

Network engineers in this role are in charge of preparing a recovery plan should any failure cause the network to crash. Any issues will inevitably also cause problems in business dealings, so this is a crucial responsibility. 

As a company grows, so do its network requirements. Network managers are also tasked with developing new systems to keep up. 

Network solutions architect  

A network solutions architect defines current and future standards for networking infrastructure. This role may require specialized knowledge, such as firewall experience, understanding of Linux/Unix configurations, and familiarity with internet routing points. 

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The information technology industry allows many roles to work outsourced, including network engineers. Even from a remote location, Booth and Partners’ team of network engineers can expertly monitor your company network.

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