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Enhance your game development team through offshoring

Enhance your game development team through offshoring

Game development is a complex process involving numerous tasks, such as designing characters, creating concept art, and writing code. 

To create an engaging and successful game, you need a high-performing team with expertise in these different areas. 

Nevertheless, forming and managing an in-house team can be costly and long drawn out. This is why offshoring your game development team can be a smart move.

In fact, Medium reported that 90% of game developers are expected to outsource parts of their development processes.

Let’s explore the intricacies of game development. 

We’ll look into the advantages of offshoring it and the tasks that can be delegated to enhance your game development endeavors.

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What is game development?

Game development is the intricate process of creating interactive and engaging video games. 

This multifaceted endeavor involves a range of disciplines, including design, programming, art, sound, and quality assurance. 

What is game development
What is game development?

Successful game development requires keeping tabs on the latest trends within its dynamic industry. It also needs a cohesive and skilled team working collaboratively to accomplish a game concept.

A game development team typically consists of artists, designers, programmers, and quality assurance specialists who work together to bring a game to life.

Why offshore your game development team?

Offshoring your game development team has many compelling advantages that can significantly impact the success of your projects:

  • Cost efficiency. Offshoring allows you to tap into a global talent pool. This often results in reduced labor costs without compromising quality.
  • Access to expertise. Partnering with an offshore team lets you access specialized skills and knowledge that might not always be available internally.
  • Scalability. Offshoring enables you to scale your game development team based on project requirements. This lets you have optimal resource allocation.
  • Faster time-to-market. Offshore teams often operate across different time zones. This facilitates round-the-clock development and accelerates project timelines.
  • Diverse perspectives. Collaboration with an offshore game development team introduces fresh perspectives and ideas. This enhances creativity and innovation within your projects.

Tasks to delegate to an offshored game development team

Here are job functions you can appoint to your remote team:

Concept art creation

Concept art is one of the first steps in the game development process. It is the foundation of any game, setting the visual tone and style. 

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This involves the creation of sketches or digital drawings that depict the game’s characters, environments, and overall look and feel. 

You can farm out concept art creation to an offshore provider with a pool of globally talented artists who understand what a good concept should look like.

Game design

Game design involves creating the rules and mechanics of the game. It includes determining how the players interact with the game world. 

You need a team that understands game mechanics to create a game that balances challenge with player engagement.

A reliable offshore provider has experienced game designers who understand what makes a game fun and engaging.

Asset development (2D and 3D)

Creating assets for a game, such as characters, animations, and environments, can be a time-consuming process. This is because it requires specialized software and expertise. 

An experienced remote team can work on asset development, creating 2D and 3D assets that add something special to your game.


Programming is the heart and backbone of game development. This may be the process that needs specialist knowledge the most. 

Creating the game’s architecture, mechanics, and user interface (UI) requires strong programming skills. 

By offshoring game development team for programming, you can be sure your game code is written correctly and efficiently.

Tasks to delegate to an offshored game development team
Tasks to delegate to an offshored game development team

Quality assurance (QA)

Quality assurance is a crucial task in game development. You need to ensure that your game is free from bugs, runs smoothly, and provides a great user experience (UX). 

You can offshore QA to a team specializing in game testing, ensuring your game is up to high standards.

Enhance your game development team with MVP Asia Pacific

MVP Asia Pacific is a trusted outsourcing partner, especially for offshored game development teams. 

The offshoring firm expands your capabilities with its team of game development specialists. Its game development experts can handle all aspects of the process previously mentioned, including programming and QA.

MVP Asia Pacific can provide dedicated developers that work round the clock to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

It offers streamlined gaming services, high-quality resources, and reduced overhead costs for those who want to build or augment a game development team with them.

By identifying tasks suitable for outsourcing and partnering with a reputable BPO like MVP Asia Pacific, your game development efforts can lead to success, innovation, and player delight.

Find out more about offshoring a game development team with MVP Asia Pacific by contacting them through their official website.

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