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Form WH-347: Everything you need to know

Being an employer requires certain tasks that should not be taken lightly. This includes the proper documentation of workers’ wages,  benefits, and deductions in accordance with the law.

One of the pertinent forms that an employer needs to fill out is the so-called Certified Payroll, sometimes referred to as Form WH-347. 

This article will discuss everything you need to know about Form WH-347, its definition, and its purpose. We will also provide comprehensive instructions on how to fill out the said form.  

What is Form WH-347?

See Form WH-347

Form WH-347, or the Payroll Certification Form, is an important document used in construction that the Department of Labor issues. Its main purpose is to collect accurate wage information from workers on federal contract jobs.

When we say accurate wage information, they include workers’ compensation, working hours, benefits, and necessary deductions. 

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What is Form WH-347

Importance of Form WH-347

As an employer, adhering to the law to provide fair wages is extremely important.

Form WH-347 determines whether the workers are provided with fair wages commensurate with their skills. 

Different parts of the region offer varied compensation, benefits, and wages. An employer must declare a fixed amount of compensation in exchange for workers’ services. Filling out this form is lawful and necessary.  

Form WH -347 is vital because it helps make sure workers on these government projects get paid fair wages according to the prevailing rates in the area. 

By having contractors fill it out regularly, the DOL can monitor that companies are following the rules and not taking advantage of their employees. 

This promotes fair competition between businesses and prevents unfair treatment. 

When is Form WH-347 required? 

Contractors typically need to use Form WH-347 on projects that get federal funding over a certain amount. The Davis-Bacon Act and related laws say you have to report wages with this form when their rules apply. 

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Companies have to submit it weekly with details like hours worked, pay rates, and benefits for each employee. 

If you don’t comply, you could face penalties or not be eligible for government work later on. 

When is Form WH-347 required

Where to find Form wh-347

You can get the form directly from the Department of Labor website or local offices. Be sure to use the most current version so everything is up to date. 

The project owner or agency will often provide it, too, to make the process easier. 

How to fill out Form wh-347

First you need to answer the questions at the top of the table. It contains information about the contractor’s company, such as:

  • Company name. Enter your company name and check a box to indicate whether you are a contractor, post, or employee.
  • Business address. Write your complete company address.
  • Pay number. This refers to the number of weeks you worked on the government contract.
  • Last day. Enter the last day of your work week.
  • Project and location. In this part, you will describe the current project and its current location.
  • Project or contract number. It refers to a number found in contracts for public projects.

After filling out this information, look at the number of columns. You must enter each employee’s information as follows:

  • Each employee’s name and the last four digits of their social security number
  • Tax exemption for an employee
  • Division of labor for all employees (e.g., electrician, builder or others)
  • Working hours and overtime hours (the “O” line represents working hours, and the “S” line represents working hours)
  • List of all working hours (for each employee)
  • Fee (based on a good salary and includes benefits)

Afterwards,  determine total revenue. If you fill out the form online or use software like Proof of Payment Report, it will automatically calculate all of this for you.

Additional deductions, such as FICA and withholding taxes, are considered, but eligible employee deductions are excluded.

Save payment. You must subtract your total deductions from your gross income on line seven to get your net income.

After adding all this information, you can go to the second page and complete your confirmed payment. The contractor will verify the information in the report on this page. This contains a compliance statement.  

Every row and column in the payment report is accurate and fully described. 

All workers are paid a wage equal to or greater than the Davis-Bacon Act wage.

When filling it out, you first gather all the worker information – names, jobs, hours, pay, and benefits. Make sure they are accurate and complete. 

Then, enter the data into the right fields on the form, along with the project and payroll period. You have to sign and date it to certify that everything reported is correct. 

Finally, submit it to whoever needs it by the required schedule. 

Form WH-347 plays an important role in ensuring fair wages on federal construction jobs. 

Contractors need to familiarize themselves with it, understand its purpose, and properly complete and submit it to stay in compliance with the rules.

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