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Communication 101: Ways to engage with your cloud staff

As several companies settle into the post-pandemic society, it is no surprise that a lot of people are now realizing the advantages of cloud staffing. Its remote nature helps the team be more productive, engaged, and happier. 

Organizations that offer flexible work options are now more attractive to professionals. It also helps businesses have access to a competitive workforce.

Cloud staff definition

Cloud staffing refers to turn-key offshore teams. It means enlisting the help of remote employees based on your regular schedule outside of a traditional office system.

This operation approach allows organizations to work with efficient teams, without the logistics of setting up a team and providing the necessary facilities. 

The term ‘cloud staffing’ was originally created by Cloudstaff, a company that provides world-class outsourcing solutions for small and medium-sized companies globally.

Cloud staff definition

The rise of cloud staffing this pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic revised many priorities and created a new reality for everyone. It made companies adopt various strategies to effectively continue their operations in the middle of a health crisis. 

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While lockdowns closed offices around the world, the business still had to go on. This made hiring a cloud staff more relevant than ever. Though this is not new to the industry, last year provided a noticeable increase in utilizing this method. 

The social distancing guidelines had to be implemented to secure the safety and health of the employees and cloud staffing is a handy solution. Remote work boosted the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector.

In the last quarter of 2020, an increasing number of corporations started depending on outsourcing providers to run their businesses efficiently.

With the industry’s turn to a “new normal”, cloud staffing is expected to be more significant than before. 

Ways to interact with your cloud staff

Engaging and working effectively in a remote setting can be challenging. Adapting to this new approach can be overwhelming at first. However, there are several tactics you can use to make your remote team as comfortable as possible.

Foster social interaction

Keep your cloud staff engaged by fostering team connections through social hours, video chats, and virtual team-building activities. Make sure that they can rely on you to ask questions and raise their concerns.

In addition, it is important to keep your remote team in the know. Update your employees on projects, team progress, and other company news and updates.

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Check-in regularly so they could have a chance to interact with you about their workload and other possible concerns.

Utilize various communication tools

Keep the connection with your cloud staff open through using various channels. Different communication tools can make conversation and project management easier so everyone is on the same page. 

Use the cloud for file sharing to enforce a smooth data transition between all team members. It is also ideal to constantly incorporate video calls with screen sharing.

Regular communication would help remote employees feel like a part of a bigger team.

Be flexible

Remote work gives employees flexibility. While there are set times around team meetings, give your cloud staff autonomy on when and how they work on their shifts.

Have confidence with your employees that they can manage their time well. If possible, assign daily or weekly deliverables instead of checking in with your team multiple times a day. 

Additionally, flexibility means that your cloud staff can develop a working cycle that works best for them. This helps develop a healthier work-life balance in the process.

Recognize employee contributions

Regularly recognize an employee for their contributions. Give every employee the ability to view, comment on, and give recognition in real-time. 

Constant appreciation from peers and managers helps your cloud staff feel valued. You may quickly discover stars on your remote team that performs as well as your internal team, or maybe even better. 

Ways to interact with your cloud staff

Ask, listen, and give feedback

When working with a cloud staff, it is important to ask for, listen to and give feedback to your team. Employees are happier and more engaged at work when they feel that their opinions are respected and heard. 

While there are possibilities that you don’t have the same control over employee engagement as you would if they were in-house, collaborating with the right outsourcing firm will help you engage well with your remote team. 

Introducing Cloudstaff

Partnering with the right third-party provider is crucial in exploring the outsourcing industry. Cloudstaff Modern Workforce can help you.

Cloudstaff provides powerful world-class outsourcing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. The company hires highly skilled professionals across different fields in the industry – including accounting and finance, back office, customer service, real estate, and e-commerce – who can assist in the development of your business at a low cost. 

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