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How do BPO companies implement client training?

In outsourcing, ensuring effective client training and setting clear expectations are crucial for success. 

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of client training, the key components of successful training programs, and the challenges faced, especially in the context of remote work.

What is client training?

Client training is the backbone of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations. It gives seamless collaboration and understanding between the outsourcing company and its clients.

Everyone knows that outsourced staff undergo rigorous training to ensure that they can do the job well. But did you know that some BPOs also implement client training? This is where they sit down with the outsourcer to discuss goals, expectations, and limitations.

Training a client can also be about fostering a partnership where both parties (the client and the outsourced staff/team) are prepared to navigate challenges and achieve their common goals.

Smiling Boss Conducts Business Training for Employees
What is client training

Key components of effective client training programs

Effective client training programs should incorporate the following key components to ensure success.

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Here are some essential elements to consider:

Thorough assessment

BPOs conduct a meticulous assessment of the client’s requirements. This involves understanding the client’s industry, unique challenges, and specific goals. 

Clear and measurable goals

Setting clear and measurable goals for both BPOs and outsourced teams is crucial. BPOs must guarantee that the outcomes align with the client’s expectations

Effective communication

Effective communication must be practiced every step of the way. The service provider must provide relevant updates regarding the client’s staff and processes, while the client must communicate their concerns and expectations.

Client training programs for outsourcers

In the 474th episode of The Outsource Accelerator Podcast, Dean Pascoe, the President of Boomering, shared how their company trains clients to handle BPO remote workers.

Use monitoring software

Dean shared the importance of using a monitoring system for remote workers, “Whether they’re in the facility or at home, we’ve got monitoring software on each of the PCs.” 

However, monitoring efforts must be customized based on individual client needs. “We go through each different program, what’s productive, what’s not, and understand what processes each person’s supposed to be going through.” 

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Foster a sense of community and connection 

Boomering also ensures that clients know the importance of fostering a sense of community among remote workers.

“[For] work-from-home employees, we’ve got all our nice programs where we’re trying to involve online games to try and have those, let’s say, water cooler moments and bring them into the bigger Boomering team.

 [We want to] make them feel like part of the family. We’ve got everything from two big events a year to monthly or quarterly team-building activities that we try and encourage each staff to go as well.”

Further, Dean also touched upon the impact of remote work on attrition, “We can see it’s a lot shorter with work from home than it is in the office.” 

stressed business woman employee intend to send resignation letter to the employer consider in order to contract for quit or layoff of job leaving from work
Client training programs for outsourcers

Utilized different touch points with remote staff

When client training, the Boomering President emphasizes the importance of “having different touchpoints with staff at home to try to engage them well and truly.”

“We give them an optimized system and the best experience to make a work-from-home employee the most successful they can be.”

Dean cited a real-world example of a client benefiting from the optimization of remote work.“One of my biggest clients has grown in the last year from four staff to 39, and all of his staff are working from home.”

He also observed that marketing teams have greater success in the office due to collaborative environments. In contrast, roles like bookkeeping may thrive in a focused, work-centric setting.

Outsourcing is a two-way street. While remote workers are expected to perform at the best of their abilities – clients must also ensure that they provide the right training and support to their outsourced team.

BPO firms like Boomering serve not just as your service provider but also as your guide in the whole new world of outsourcing.

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