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Top 15 best US states for remote work

Remote work has become a trending strategy for most companies today because of its tremendous benefits.

Determining what to do with the workplace is the main focus of a much bigger conversation in many firms. The success of remote work has changed the way corporate work is done and where it is done.

Remote workers also report higher productivity and focus for more extended periods, implying that they can get their work done faster.

Working remotely in the US

The outbreak of the coronavirus has altered the way Americans work. According to the US Census Bureau, one-third of households in the United States spend more time remote working than they did pre-pandemic.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, households with individuals who work remotely have greater income levels, education, and health than those who work on-site.

Even if vaccines become available and certain limitations are lifted, working from home is expected to remain popular in the United States for the foreseeable future.

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Working remotely in the US

Best US states for remote work

To determine the best remote-first states in the US, we considered the most vital factors affecting the job of a re mote employee.

For one, internet access gradually affects how a remote worker gets their tasks done. A weak internet connection can delay their performance, especially with the majority relying on collaboration tools.

Their work environment is also a factor to look upon when working remotely.

Some employers may require their employees to be located in a specific location due to regulatory or accessibility advantages. This includes internet costs, low taxes, and the viability of bringing employees into the office as needed.

However, more companies are now allowing their teams to work from anywhere to give them the chance to experience a fully remote experience.

We examined their individual business rankings, internet connectivity, average internet speed, and broadband coverage, using data from the National Taxpayers Union Foundation remote work rankings and internet speed tests.

In no particular order, we have rounded up the best states for remote workers.

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1. Delaware

Delaware has a rich history of being the first state to ratify the United States Constitution. The state abounds with historical landmarks.

Delaware is the best state in the US for remote work. In addition, the state has an outstanding company culture and a great living environment.

Relevant Delaware remote work stats:

  • Internet connectivity ranking: 6
  • Average internet speed: 44.9 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 97.5%

2. Oregon

Work-from-home individuals will find Oregon to be one of the greatest states in the US to pursue a remote career path. Even before COVID-19 hit, Oregon already had an enormous number of people working remotely.

Relevant Oregon remote work stats:

  • Internet connectivity ranking: 25
  • Average internet speed: 39.1 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 89.7%

3. Nevada

Since the early 1900s, millions of people have visited Nevada, a western state famed for its libertarian policies that attract most revelers and gamblers to Las Vegas.

Besides being home to “America’s Playground,” the state is now ready to embrace remote work.

Relevant Nevada remote work stats:

  • Internet connectivity ranking: 19
  • Average internet speed: 34.3 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 91.8%

4. North Carolina

From the mountains to the Piedmont region and the coastal plain, North Carolina has many places to do business and reside in.

North Carolina’s metropolitan towns are highly regarded as enticing places to live, do business, acquire an education, and enjoy the state’s culture.

Relevant North Carolina remote work stats:

  • Internet connectivity ranking: 15
  • Average internet speed: 42.4 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 93.1%

5. Georgia

For the development and operation of its divisions, the state of Georgia can provide opportunities for employees to work remotely on projects with specific responsibilities and functions.

However, due to the lack of an agreement between Georgia and the surrounding states, businesses in Georgia that use remote workers may be subject to additional taxes.

Relevant Georgia remote work stats:

  • Internet connectivity ranking: 20
  • Average internet speed: 39.1 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 90.6%

6. New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a destination for the world’s most reputable remote-enabled companies. There are presently no incentives for organizations or people to work from home in New Hampshire.

However, tax breaks and grants for small enterprises abound throughout New Hampshire. The state also provides incentives for lucrative small businesses.

For example, WorkInvestNH (previously called the New Hampshire Job Training Fund) offers a 50/50 financial match for training and development activities.

Relevant New Hampshire remote work stats:

  • Best states for business ranking: No. 7
  • Internet connectivity ranking: 13
  • Average internet speed: 37.4 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 94.3%

7. Tennessee

Tennessee is home to some of the nation’s most profitable and high-earning businesses. Now is a great time to look for work in the Volunteer State because you can work from home and avoid paying income taxes.

Relevant Tennessee remote work stats:

  • Best states for business ranking: No. 12
  • Internet connectivity ranking: 24
  • Average internet speed: 36.6 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 89%

8. Arizona

Arizona is among the top choices for the best American state for remote workers. Arizona is the 6th largest state in terms of area, and its weather and terrain are its most notable features.

Relevant Arizona remote work stats:

  • Best states for business ranking: No. 6
  • Internet connectivity ranking: 29
  • Average internet speed: 33.9 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 86.7%

9. New Jersey

New Jersey is a US state located in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions. You could visit New Jersey a thousand times and still miss out on beautiful sights and exciting activities.

New Jersey has stated that it would not seek to tax remote employees as their income was generated in the state.

Relevant New Jersey remote work stats:

  • Best states for business ranking: No. 21
  • Internet connectivity ranking: 1
  • Average internet speed: 52.0 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 99%

10. Texas

Remote, part-time, freelancing, and other flexible positions are all welcome in Texas. Texas is the USA’s second-largest state regarding land and population, located in the southern United States and borders Mexico to the south.

Relevant Texas remote work stats:

  • Best states for business ranking: No. 17
  • Internet connectivity ranking: 30
  • Average internet speed: 46.9 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 86.9%

11. South Dakota 

Another state that is best for remote workers in the US is South Dakota. The state is ranked 17th in terms of the job environment and 17th in terms of the living environment.

South Dakota also has one of the top cybersecurity rankings, though interestingly, its neighbor, North Dakota, overtakes it in internet speed.

Relevant South Dakota  remote work stats:

  • Internet connectivity ranking: 18
  • Average internet speed: 28.6 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 92.2%

12. Utah

Utah is a state in the Western United States’ Mountain West subregion. It also runs across a section of New Mexico towards the southeast.

The Utah State Office Building has been remodeled to allow additional teleworkers to work there.

Relevant Utah remote work stats:

  • Best states for business ranking: No. 2
  • Internet connectivity ranking: 11
  • Average internet speed: 37.2 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 94.9%

13. Virginia

Virginia is situated on the Atlantic coast between the northern and southern hemispheres. Remote work and flexible job seekers are both accepted in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Relevant Virginia remote work stats:

  • Internet connectivity ranking: 22
  • Average internet speed: 48.7 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 89%

14. Illinois

The state of Illinois sits in the United States’ Midwestern area. It boasts the fifth-largest GDP, sixth-largest population, and 25th-largest land area of all the US states.

The state of Illinois has been described as a miniature representation of the entire country.

Relevant Illinois remote work stats:

  • Best states for business ranking:
  • Internet connectivity ranking: 17
  • Average internet speed: 40.4 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 92.3%

15. Washington

Washington has routinely ranked among the top five most environmentally-friendly states.

In recent years, additional mass transit has been pushed to keep up with job-fueled population development, particularly in the Seattle area.

Relevant Washington remote work stats:

  • Best states for business ranking:
  • Internet connectivity ranking: 14
  • Average internet speed: 41.0 Mbps
  • Broadband coverage: 94.2%

Remote jobs available in the USA 

Here are the in-demand remote jobs in America:

Data entry clerk

A data entry clerk enters data from paper records into a database. In addition to compiling computer input, they also verify customer and account source documents for inaccuracies in the data.

Customer support specialist 

Customer support specialists are responsible for promptly and accurately responding to customer inquiries by phone, email, or chat.

They are also expected to understand customer needs and assist them in resolving specific concerns. Product problems are investigated and reported.

Digital designer

A digital designer develops, manages, and provides computer graphics solutions for a wide range of applications. They create images for digital technologies using their creativity and computer knowledge.

They work in various industries, including entertainment, education, and advertising, and develop everything from websites and computer game visuals to special effects for movies.

Remote jobs available in the USA

The current situation of remote work

Local shutdown orders caused many firms to implement a remote work policy when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out.

With internet access being the singular issue for many, this has given remote workers more time for personal concerns, allowing them to achieve a better work-life balance. Remote working also enhanced the safety and security of the employees.

Working from home allows you the time and space to think critically and improve your performance. You’re enthusiastic about the idea of working for a firm you admire without being constrained by location.

You’re free to set up your own viable work arrangement and work as you see fit.

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