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20 best recruitment software to try in 2024

List of 20 best recruitment software

  1. Manatal
  2. Workable
  3. Jobvite
  4. Zoho Recruit
  5. iCIMS
  6. Breezy HR
  7. Ceipal
  8. Recruit CRM
  9. Greenhouse
  10. JazzHR 
  11. Lever
  12. ClearCompany
  13. Arcoro
  14. TestGorilla
  15. BambooHR 
  16. Paycor 
  17. SmartRecruiters
  18. Bullhorn
  19. ApplicantStack

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the pivotal task of recruitment has undergone a profound transformation. 

Recruitment software has become an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their hiring processes. With a vast array of options available, finding the right software can be an intimidating task. 

So, for this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 recruitment software you can explore. 

What is recruitment software?

Recruitment software is a specialized technology designed to streamline and optimize the hiring process. It’s also known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or a recruiting CRM. 

Recruitment software serves as a comprehensive solution to manage the entire recruitment lifecycle. It covers everything from posting job openings to making final hiring decisions. 

The software automates various aspects of the recruitment process, including:

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  • Resume parsing
  • Candidate tracking
  • Interview scheduling
  • Communication with applicants 

These solutions play a crucial role in building a talent pool for HR professionals and hiring teams, allowing them to save time and enhance their overall recruitment strategy. 

What is recruitment software

Why use recruitment software?

There are several reasons businesses choose recruitment software:

Enhanced candidate management

Recruitment software provides a centralized platform for managing candidate information. Recruiters can easily track applicants, review resumes, and collaborate with team members. 

This approach ensures that crucial candidate data is organized and easily accessible for decision-making. 

Efficiency and time savings

Recruitment software significantly improves the efficiency of the hiring process by automating various tasks. 

Automation reduces the time spent on manual and repetitive administrative work, allowing HR professionals to focus on other aspects of recruiting. 

Compliance and reporting 

Recruitment software helps organizations stay compliant with relevant labor laws and regulations. 

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It also assists in generating reports on recruitment metrics. These reports are valuable for assessing the effectiveness of the hiring strategy and making improvements. 

Adaptability and scalability

As organizations grow, their hiring needs evolve. Recruitment software is designed to be scalable, accommodating those changing needs. 

Whether a company is hiring for a few positions or managing a large-scale recruitment drive, these tools can adapt to different volumes. 

Better candidate quality

Advanced recruitment software employs artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. They analyze resumes and identify the most qualified candidates based on predefined criteria. 

This allows for a more accurate and objective assessment of applicants, leading to candidates who best fit the role. 

Why use recruitment software

Wider reach and increased visibility

Recruitment software often includes features that facilitate job posting across multiple online platforms, social media, and career websites. This broadens the reach of job openings, attracting a more diverse pool of candidates. 

Streamlined collaboration

Collaboration is essential in the hiring process. Multiple stakeholders are involved, including hiring managers, recruiters, and team members. 

Recruitment software facilitates collaboration by providing a hub for communication, feedback, and document sharing. 

Improved candidate experience

A business’s employer brand depends heavily on providing a satisfying application experience.

Recruitment software often includes features such as automated communication, status updates, and user-friendly application interfaces. These all contribute to an improved candidate experience. 

This can positively impact the organization’s reputation and attract top talent. 

These advantages make recruitment software an essential tool for modern organizations aiming to stay competitive in the talent acquisition landscape. 

20 best recruitment software in 2024

Take a look at the best recruitment software options for 2024:

1. Manatal


Professional PlanEnterprise PlanCustom Plan
$15/user/month$35/user/monthOn demand

Introducing Manatal, an easy-to-use recruitment software that revolutionizes your hiring process. With Manatal, you can simplify every step of recruitment, from job posting to candidate placement. 

One of Manatal’s standout features is its candidates’ profile enrichment capabilities. You can effectively parse and organize resumes, allowing you to access all candidate data in one place. 

With an intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Manatal boosts your efficiency and accelerates your success. 

2. Workable


Starter StandardPremier

Workable is a leading recruiting software and hiring platform that brings together big ideas and amazing talent. You can streamline your recruitment process from sourcing to onboarding and management. 

Powered by AI, Workable provides intelligent sourcing capabilities and employee referrals. You can quickly fill your pipeline with the right talent. 

Workable doesn’t stop at hiring. You can also create custom onboarding experiences, allowing great hires to seamlessly transition into great employees. 

Trusted by over 27,000 companies worldwide, Workable has been relied upon to make over a million hires and engage with even more candidates. 

3. Jobvite

No available pricing. Users may request a demo.  

Jobvite is a comprehensive recruitment software designed to optimize complex talent acquisition activities. You can deliver predictable hiring outcomes and increase your recruiting capacity, all from a single suite.

Jobvite provides purpose-built, proven, and scalable solutions to meet your unique hiring needs. It comes with features like:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Volume hiring support 
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Take your enterprise to the next level with Jobvite’s Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite and experience the difference in your hiring process. 

4. Zoho Recruit


For corporate HR


For staffing agencies


Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one recruitment software that allows you to source, attract, engage, automate, and hire top talent efficiently and effectively. 

This recruitment software caters to different organizational types, including staffing agencies, corporate HR departments, and temporary workforces. It offers solutions tailored to specific industries like manufacturing, education, and technology.

With Zoho Recruit, you have access to a user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and seamless integration with other Zoho products. 

5. iCIMS

No pricing plans available. 

iCIMS offers a cutting-edge recruitment software platform that revolutionizes the way organizations attract, engage, and advance talent. 

Selecting the right candidates is crucial for driving business success, and iCIMS’ advanced applicant tracking system understands this. Maximize efficiency with automated processes for onboarding and management. 

iCIMS goes beyond just hiring. It also helps you advance your existing talent, empowering them to connect with better opportunities and new potential across your organization. 

6. Breezy HR


BootstrapStartup GrowthBusiness

Breezy HR is a modern hiring software and applicant tracking system that takes your recruitment process to the next level. It offers powerful features and tools designed to upgrade your efforts. 

Breezy HR allows you to showcase your open positions in all the right places. Create a stunning career site that reflects your employer brand and engages candidates. 

With its integrated HRIS, you can seamlessly manage information and use analytics to optimize recruitment strategies. 

7. Ceipal

Pricing: $24/user/month

Ceipal combines the power of ATS, workforce management, and diversity hiring solutions. With Ceipal, you can easily manage your total talent acquisition and automation needs. 

Ceipal provides unique solutions to meet the needs of:

  • Staffing organizations 
  • Corporate recruiters
  • Managed service providers (MSPs)
  • Systems integrator organizations 

Gain visibility, speed, and insights to optimize your recruitment process and deliver exceptional results. With 2,500 clients across various industries and over 200,000 recruiters on the platform, Ceipal has a proven track record. 

8. Recruit CRM


Pro BusinessEnterprise

Recruit CRM helps organizations streamline, simplify, and succeed in the competitive world of recruitment. 

Its ATS eliminates the need for manual data entry and tedious tasks. With the ability to add or update candidates seamlessly, recruiters can boost their efficiency and focus on what truly matters – finding the best talent.  

Recruit CRM has garnered the trust of recruitment firms across 100 countries, becoming a go-to solution worldwide. 

9. Greenhouse

Customized pricing. Users may request a demo. 

Greenhouse is the ultimate applicant tracking system and recruitment software that empowers companies to make better, fairer, and more confident hiring decisions. It offers an extensive suite of tools that optimize every aspect of the process. 

The software helps create a positive and engaging experience from sourcing to onboarding. 

Many organizations have already experienced the transformative power of Greenhouse. It provides impactful insights and clarity around the hiring process, making it a trusted and reliable solution.  

10. JazzHR 


Hero PlusPro

JazzHR is an excellent and user-friendly recruitment software for small businesses. Say goodbye to manual and time-consuming tasks and welcome a new streamlined recruitment process.

Utilize advanced sourcing techniques, job board integrations, and customizable career portals to expand your reach and attract top talent. 

JazzHR is also highly configurable. Customize the software to your needs and integrate it with your other HR tools. Join the ranks of satisfied customers and experience the power of JazzHR. 

11. Lever

Get a free quote on their website.  

Experience a new level of efficiency and productivity in your recruitment process with Lever. Its top-rated applicant tracking software empowers hiring teams to streamline their efforts and convert qualified candidates. 

Your team can bid farewell to inefficient recruitment software. Lever’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface gives you all the data you need to succeed. 

With Lever as your ATS and CRM solution, you can hire smarter and faster. 

12. ClearCompany

Request a custom quote on their website. 

ClearCompany is a comprehensive talent management software for recruiting success. It contains an award-winning applicant tracking system and a suite of integrated tools. 

ClearCompany’s software is designed to make the hiring process smarter, faster, and more efficient. The platform automates common recruiting tasks and enables you to customize your workflows to match your unique job requirements. 

Create an exceptional recruiting and onboarding experience that fosters engagement and productivity with ClearCompany. 

13. Arcoro

No pricing plans available. 

Arcoro is the perfect HR and recruitment software solution for you if you’re in the construction industry. Its applicant tracking and onboarding system enables you to find top construction talent while ensuring compliance. 

Arcoro’s solutions enable better workforce management, allowing you to take your construction business to the next level. Discover the bridge to better HR and recruiting with Arcoro’s software. 

14. TestGorilla


FreeLite StarterPro

Unlock the potential of skills-based hiring with TestGorilla. It’s a cutting-edge talent assessment platform that’s designed to reform your recruitment process. 

TestGorilla’s library of over 400 scientifically validated tests empowers you to identify the best candidates and eliminate bias from your selection process. With its automated screening process, you can save valuable time and gain deeper insights into your applicants’ skills.

Join the growing community of companies worldwide that rely on TestGorilla. 

15. BambooHR 

Get a free price quote on their website. 

BambooHR is the ultimate HR platform designed to simplify your recruitment process from start to finish. You can effortlessly manage talent while automating administrative tasks and fostering a positive employee experience. 

Find the best talent quickly with BambooHR’s powerful applicant tracking system. This recruitment software also acts as a centralized hub for all your HR data management.

Plus, BambooHR integrates with over 125 business applications, allowing you to connect and sync information effortlessly.  

16. Paycor 

Get a custom price quote on their website. 

Paycor’s powerful recruitment software is designed to meet demands and enhance your ability to attract top talent. By reducing barriers and enabling applications from anywhere, Paycor ensures your organization stays ahead. 

Paycor’s intelligent solutions automate the candidate search process, increasing efficiency and capturing a higher percentage of candidates. 

It offers a seamless application experience, which enhances engagement and improves the likelihood of securing staff for success.  

17. SmartRecruiters

No pricing plans available. Users may request a demo. 

SmartRecruiters delivers a suite of recruiting solutions that cater to a range of requirements. 

The platform offers comprehensive talent acquisition solutions such as:

  • Job advertising
  • Job distribution
  • Candidate relationship management
  • Chatbot recruiting
  • AI recruiting 
  • Text recruiting 
  • Onboarding

SmartRecruiters is a trusted partner for over 4,000 businesses globally. Explore its recruitment software if you’re seeking the definitive guide to hiring success. 

18. Bullhorn

No pricing plans available. Users may request a demo. 

Bullhorn is an industry-leading staffing and recruitment software designed to transform your business and improve your productivity. Handle all your recruiting needs within one centralized system. 

Bullhorn’s automation allows recruiters to provide high-touch service and maintain strong candidate relationships. The software works in the background, multiplying the output of each recruiter. 

The software continually evolves to meet the needs of staffing firms. With Bullhorn, your team will always be miles ahead. 

19. ApplicantStack


Starter GrowthRecruitBundle

ApplicantStack is a comprehensive and powerful recruitment software that simplifies and accelerates the hiring process. Its user-friendly interface and robust features enable businesses of all sizes to find and onboard talent efficiently. 

The system also provides customizable candidate scoring and pre-screening options, ensuring that you focus your time and energy on the most qualified applicants. 

Get started with ApplicantStack and experience a recruiting and onboarding solution that simplifies your processes. 


Contact their sales team for pricing plans.

PORTERS ATS/CRM, as the name suggests, is an advanced recruitment software that makes hiring easier, faster, and more efficient for businesses of all sizes. 

This comprehensive cloud-based applicant tracking system is designed to meet all your recruiting needs.

The software includes a range of powerful features that simplify and automate each step of the hiring process. PORTERS ATS/CRM ensures that your team can manage all candidate data. 

With a track record of excellence, PORTERS ATS/CRM has gained the trust of more than 2,000 staffing agencies worldwide. 

Streamlining the hiring process with recruitment software

As the job market becomes more competitive, having an effective recruitment strategy is essential for building a strong workforce. Using recruitment software is a smart investment that can pay dividends for your business. 

The centralized nature of recruitment software ensures that organizations not only find the right talent but do so in a streamlined, insightful manner. Moreover, as businesses evolve, these solutions adapt seamlessly to meet new recruitment demands. 

Streamlining the hiring process with recruitment software

With the many options available, it’s important for businesses to carefully evaluate their needs and choose a solution that allows them to build high-performing teams efficiently. 

Recruitment software is shaping the workforce of tomorrow. It marks a paradigm shift towards a more strategic and agile hiring ecosystem. 

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