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10 tips and strategies to attracting passive candidates

10 tips and strategies to attracting passive candidates

Attracting top talent is challenging for any organization. With the increasing skills gap, employee demands, and changes in the recruitment landscape, employers must maximize their efforts to build their teams as much as possible.

This includes tapping passive candidates. Passive candidates do not actively look for new job opportunities. However, they may consider them if the right opportunity arises.

This article will explore ten effective tips and strategies to attract passive candidates and tap into their potential.

What are passive candidates?

Passive candidates do not actively look for new roles or career changes. 

They are currently employed individuals for the most part. However, they are open to good career opportunities once they arise.

Passive candidates make up the majority of the global workforce – around 70%, according to LinkedIn’s statistics.

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One glaring factor about passive candidates is that they are often satisfied with their current positions. This makes them a valuable talent pool that can bring new perspectives to your organization once you attract them.

What are passive candidates
What are passive candidates?

Active vs. Passive candidates

The differences between active and passive candidates go beyond their composition in the job market.

Active candidates search for new job opportunities, often applying or contacting companies directly.

As mentioned above, 70% of the global workforce are passive candidates, while 30% are active candidates. However, this percentage does not automatically convert to interest in your job posting.

On the other hand, passive candidates are not actively looking for a job change. Once they see your offer as attractive, there is a possibility for you to get them in your wing.

Attracting passive candidates can be more challenging compared to attracting active ones. This is because finding passive candidates takes time and effort in terms of research, cold calling, and emails.

How to identify passive candidates

Here are four effective approaches to identifying passive candidates:

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Creating strong professional networks and attending industry events can help you connect with potential passive candidates.

Building relationships and engaging in meaningful conversations can uncover individuals with the skills and experience you seek.

Social media platforms

Social media recruiting through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is also a great way to identify and engage with passive candidates.

These platforms offer advanced search functionalities that allow you to filter profiles based on specific criteria, such as location, industry, skills, and years of experience.

Employee referrals

A massive talent deficit of 85.2 million workers is projected by 2030. You can prevent this from affecting your firm by having your employees refer their friends and networks.

Encouraging your current employees to refer potential passive candidates can be an effective method to identify quality talent. This is because networking through your employees can boost your talent pool by up to ten times.

Employee referrals
How to identify passive candidates

Industry publications and communities

Monitor industry-specific publications, forums, and online communities where professionals in your industry gather to share insights and discuss industry topics.

You can position yourself and your company as thought leaders while identifying passive candidates based on your activity on these sites.

10 ways to attract passive candidates

Attracting passive candidates requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. 

Here are ten effective ways to capture their interest and ultimately persuade them to consider your job opportunity:

1. Craft compelling employer branding

Showcase your company culture, employee testimonials, and success stories as a way to develop an authentic employer brand.

Create an enticing image to differentiate your organization in a competitive job market and, at best, become an employer of choice.

2. Build relationships with industry influencers

Connect with industry influencers with a significant following and influence. Engage with their content, share valuable insights, and collaborate on projects.

Leveraging connections with respected influencers can help you capture the attention of passive candidates who trust and follow these individuals.

3. Leverage employee stories and testimonials

Share testimonials from your current staff who have had positive experiences working with your company. Highlight their growth, achievements, and the opportunities they’ve had within your organization.

Authentic and relatable employee stories can provide passive candidates with a glimpse into their potential future with your company.

4. Offer unique perks and benefits

Identify and offer unique perks and benefits that differentiate your company from competitors. 

Examples of enticing perks include flexible working arrangements, professional development opportunities, and performance-based incentives. These can attract passive candidates seeking a better work-life balance.

5. Showcase career growth opportunities

Illustrate the potential for career growth and advancement within your organization.

Highlight success stories of employees who started in junior roles and progressed to leadership positions to demonstrate the possibilities that await passive candidates.

6. Engage in thought leadership

Demonstrate your company’s expertise and industry knowledge by regularly creating and sharing valuable content. 

Publish blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies that address industry challenges and provide insights and solutions.

7. Personalize outreach and messaging

Avoid generic and impersonal messages when contacting passive candidates. Instead, take the time to get to know and understand their background, skills, and interests.

Tailor your outreach to address why they would be a great fit for your organization. Personalized messaging shows that you value their unique qualities and increases the chances of building a connection.

8. Utilize employee referrals for outreach

Leverage your current employees’ networks by involving them in the outreach process. 

Encourage your employees to reach out to their connections and share job opportunities within your organization.

Since these referrals come from a trusted source, passive candidates are more likely to consider the opportunity seriously.

9. Offer competitive compensation packages

Ensure your compensation packages are competitive in the market. Research industry benchmarks to understand salary ranges and benefits offered by companies of similar size and industry.

Providing attractive remuneration not only grabs the attention of passive candidates but also increases the likelihood of successfully convincing them to consider your job opportunity.

Offer competitive compensation packages
10 ways to attract passive candidates

10. Provide a positive candidate experience

A positive candidate experience can significantly influence a passive candidate’s decision to engage further with your organization.

Streamline your application process, provide timely and transparent candidate communication, and offer opportunities to engage with current employees during the interview process.

A positive experience showcases your company’s professionalism, values candidates’ time, and fosters a sense of belonging.

Why attracting passive candidates is important

Attracting passive candidates is essential because it allows you to tap into a talent pool that may not actively pursue new opportunities.

Passive candidates often bring extensive experience, unique perspectives, and specialized skills that can contribute to your company’s growth and success.

You can build a diverse, high-performing team that drives innovation and competitiveness by actively pursuing and engaging with passive candidates.

When to go after passive candidates

While actively sourcing passive candidates is crucial, timing is essential when it comes to hiring them. Consider targeting passive candidates with the following circumstances:

  • You have a compelling job opportunity that aligns with your skills and experience.
  • You have a pool of specific passive candidates with highly sought-after skills.
  • You want to foster a continuous improvement and innovation culture, often requiring bringing in individuals with fresh perspectives and experiences.

Remember, recruiting passive candidates requires patience, persistence, and a well-executed strategy.

Following these ten tips and strategies can enhance your chances of attracting and hiring top-tier talent from the passive candidate pool.

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