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10 best AI recruitment tools to streamline hiring

List of AI recruitment tools

  1. Manatal
  2. Paradox
  3. Fetcher
  4. Turing
  5. SeekOut
  6. Cogbee
  7. TurboHire
  8. Skillate
  9. Humanly
  10. Textio

Recruitment can be a tedious, time-consuming process. However, technology has enabled teams to handle recruitment faster, leading to increased hiring speed and newer employees. 

Nowadays, technology is evolving even more with the emergence of artificial intelligence.

This significantly impacts the way businesses approach recruitment as it combines machine learning, people analytics, and voice-enabled chats to streamline hiring.

All this can be done by utilizing various AI-powered recruitment tools to find the best candidates possible.

How is AI used in recruitment?

AI-based software allows companies to reach out to candidates more quickly. This is done through algorithms and machine learning to automate repetitive tasks and find the most relevant candidates.

Companies use AI tools to measure candidate performance and competency. AI can analyze large volumes of data to create in-depth reports about a specific candidate, which saves time and shortens the deliberation period.

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How is AI used in recruitment

10 best AI recruitment tools in 2024

AI recruitment tools are continuously becoming increasingly popular among companies. Here are some of the best ones to consider.

1. Manatal

Manatal is one of the leading AI recruitment software programs used by over 10,000 recruitment teams in over 135 countries.

This easy-to-use tool is simple yet powerful and can handle a wide range of recruitment tasks, such as candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, and resume parsing.

Manatal’s AI engine saves time and energy in finding ideal candidates by recommending candidates that match your needs.

You can evaluate applicants based on your requirements and even integrate with third-party sites like LinkedIn or social media to improve recommendations.

2. Paradox

When it comes to recruitment, sometimes constant conversations can be time-consuming and repetitive, which is why Paradox is the perfect solution.

Paradox is a conversational hiring software that automates tedious tasks that recruiters do not always have the time for. It is a frictionless applicant tracking system (ATS) that is ideal even for high-volume hiring.

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Think about the entire recruitment process but over a seamless, time-saving chat window. This software adapts to every conversation, which helps candidates find answers to their questions almost instantly.

With Paradox, you get more done with less, making the experience more convenient for both the recruiter and the candidate.

3. Fetcher

Fetcher is committed to helping you find the best talent in the shortest time possible. Its advanced AI technology sifts through candidate’s data for you while you focus on more important matters.

Furthermore, Fetcher uses AI to create outbound email campaigns, where AI filters out the most interested candidates with whom you can build a connection. Its convenient analytics dashboard gives you insights into your talent sourcing and helps you find ways to improve.

This AI tool lets you create a recruitment pipeline where you can monitor candidates and measure their overall performance. It even allows easy integration with third-party apps like LinkedIn, Gmail, and Slack.

4. Turing

Turing is a powerful AI tool for finding and vetting candidates for software developer and tech engineer roles using its Intelligent Talent Cloud. Since these roles require specific skills, Turing can handle all the work for you.

It is among the AI recruitment tools that use machine learning and natural language processing to scan resumes and job boards to find the best-matched candidate.

One of Turing’s unique features is its ability to find gaps in candidates’ qualifications and predict whether they will pass or fail, which is a true testament to how advanced this software is.

5. SeekOut

There is more to hiring than just finding one candidate to fill up a position. There are a lot of analytics and talent management involved, and SeekOut is the best option for that.

SeekOut is a great tool for managing everything related to recruiting. In addition to its AI-powered talent sourcing, it offers talent analytics that help reduce bias and increase candidate engagement.

This software allows you to create personalized experiences for each candidate and integrates with several third-party ATSs. You can form data-driven insights and improve overall efficiency with SeekOut.

6. Cogbee

Cogbee is the hiring solution you need for seamless recruitment at reduced costs. With this tool, you can achieve the results without having to wait.

Enjoy convenience and save time with Cogbee’s on-demand features, which allow you to screen and interview candidates anytime and anywhere. 

You can create personalized assessment forms from an extensive list of questions to determine a candidate’s skills. This platform’s AI-driven remote proctoring helps recruiters determine the legitimacy of these assessments.

7. TurboHire

If you need a tool that works fast while keeping everyone on the same page, look no further than TurboHire. This all-in-one software is the perfect solution for speedy and efficient hiring.

Using AI and natural language processing, TurboHire pairs you with the most suitable candidates that match your job requirements. Furthermore, the team can access all relevant information thanks to its single repository of resumes and job data.

TurboHire’s automation features are unmatched, with modules covering the entire journey, from candidate sourcing to extending the job offer.

8. Skillate

Skillate’s advanced AI-powered decision-making allows recruiters to improve their hiring process. This powerful tool uses AI for more advanced tasks, such as intelligent hiring and people analytics.

If you need additional help, it comes with a diverse suite of products that boost hiring speed. These include AI-powered matching solutions, chatbot screening, and resume parsing.

You can save time writing up job descriptions and monitoring candidates, as Skillate makes the process easier by doing all that for you and providing real-time feedback. 

You can even mask any personal information to make objective decisions and prevent biases.

9. Humanly

When you have a large volume of applicants, it can be overwhelming to cater to each one, so you may have to resort to using software. Luckily, Humanly adds a human touch to high-volume recruitment.

With Humanly’s Conversational Bot, you can ask candidates about their work experience and history, making pre-screening and candidate engagement a breeze.

Even interviews are made easy, thanks to the Interview Assistant, which helps recruiters take notes and perform follow-ups. Interviews are transcribed for your convenience and reference.

Humanly acts as a third listening party in the interview, taking note of keywords and topics discussed during the interview for the recruiter to review. It helps determine if the candidate is a good fit.

10. Textio

There is no need to spend too much time writing job descriptions and templates. 

Textio is the best tool for writing optimized job listings, social media posts, and emails. It helps keep things objective and formal by preventing unconscious bias in writing.

The best thing about Textio is its inclusivity and fairness. This tool ensures that job descriptions accommodate all people and enables your team to give fair feedback.

With Textio, recruiters can learn how to craft the perfect job descriptions and emails that resonate with people and attract the best possible candidates.

Choosing the right AI recruitment tools

Recruitment can easily be achieved with the right tools. Below are some criteria to look for when choosing the best one:

  • Accuracy and match quality – Make sure your tool provides accurate matches and the most qualified candidates.
  • Data integration – Gather more important data through integration with job boards, social media, and applicant tracking systems.
  • Analytics – Check if your software has the necessary data and reporting to make objective decisions.
  • Flexibility – Recruitment teams have varying processes, so it is best to have a tool that allows you to adjust and make changes accordingly.
  • Candidate engagement – Even if you are using a tool, human interaction is still important, so it is crucial to have candidate relationship management features.
Choosing the right AI recruitment tools

Hiring the best with AI recruitment tools

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm and is changing how companies do pretty much everything, including hiring new employees.

By choosing the right AI tools and coordinating with your recruitment team, you will quickly find the perfect candidate in no time. AI can help you choose the best of the best, so use its capabilities to your advantage.

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