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IT coordinator

As the world gets more driven by technology, the role of an IT coordinator becomes indispensable in managing and maintaining a company’s technological infrastructure.

IT coordinators are crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of technology within an organization, from overseeing computer systems and networks to providing technical support.

What is an IT coordinator?

An IT coordinator is a vital member of a company’s tech team. IT coordinators are responsible for overseeing and coordinating various IT activities to ensure the smooth operation of:

  • Computer systems
  • Networks
  • Software applications

Acting as a liaison between different departments and IT personnel, they play an important role in optimizing technology resources and supporting organizational objectives.

Duties of an IT coordinator

The primary duties of IT coordinators include:

System maintenance and support

  • Ensure the proper functioning of hardware, software, and peripherals
  • Provide technical support to end-users, troubleshooting issues promptly
  • Assisting employees with technical problems and providing IT support
  • Conducting regular system audits and implementing necessary upgrades

Network administration

  • Maintain and monitor network infrastructure, including routers, switches, and firewalls
  • Implement security protocols and measures to safeguard data and network integrity
  • Implement policies and procedures to ensure IT regulatory compliance

Software installation and updates

  • Install and configure software applications, ensuring compatibility and functionality
  • Manage software updates and patches to keep systems secure and up-to-date

Data management

  • Manage data and set up backup and recovery procedures to prevent loss of information
  • Implement data storage solutions and manage storage capacity effectively

User training and documentation

  • Conduct user training sessions to enhance IT literacy and efficiency
  • Develop and maintain IT documentation, including user manuals and technical guides

Vendor management

  • Coordinate with external vendors for procurement and support of IT equipment and services
  • Negotiate contracts and agreements to ensure cost-effective solutions

IT strategy and planning

  • Assist in the development of IT strategies and plans aligned with business objectives
  • Identify opportunities for technology improvements and innovation

Skills and requirements needed in an IT coordinator

The following skills and qualifications are found in an excellent IT coordinator:

  • Technical proficiency. IT coordinators should have a strong understanding of computer hardware, software, and networking principles. They should be proficient in troubleshooting technical issues and performing system diagnostics.
  • Communication skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills to interact with end-users and technical teams are needed. One should be able to convey technical information clearly and understandably.
  • Problem-solving abilities. IT coordinators have strong problem-solving skills to identify and resolve relevant issues efficiently. They can adapt to changing technology environments and find creative solutions.
  • Organizational skills. Effective organizational skills to manage multiple tasks and priorities simultaneously are necessary. An IT coordinator should pay attention to detail and be accurate in maintaining records and documentation.
  • Customer service orientation. An IT coordinator should have a customer-centric approach to provide timely and responsive IT support. Empathy and patience when dealing with end-user inquiries and concerns are needed as well.

Where to hire an IT coordinator

Finding the right IT coordinator requires careful consideration. Some effective recruitment channels include:

1. Online job portals

There are plenty of online job sites that have a wide selection of candidates in the IT industry. You can post job ads on popular online platforms like Indeed or specialized IT job boards like Tech Fetch.

2. Networking

Leverage professional networks, such as LinkedIn groups or industry conferences, to connect with potential IT coordinator candidates.

3. Staffing agencies

Collaborate with IT staffing agencies that specialize in industry-related roles and have a pool of qualified candidates.

You can also partner with outsourcing companies with access to a broad selection of job seekers. They can connect you with IT coordinators who have been vetted and matched to your requirements.

Salary comparison for an IT coordinator

IT coordinators’ pay range can fluctuate depending on factors like where they’re located, the size of the company, the industry, and their level of experience.

Based on estimates from Mint and Talent.com, here are the average annual salary of IT coordinators in the United States and the Philippines:


On-site vs. Remote setup for an IT coordinator

The setup for an IT coordinator can be either on-site or remote, depending on the organization’s structure and needs.

In an on-site setup, IT coordinators work from the company’s physical location, ensuring immediate technical support and maintenance.

In a remote setup, they manage IT operations from a remote location, using tools and technology to access systems and provide support virtually.

The choice between on-site and remote largely depends on the company’s infrastructure, security requirements, and the flexibility desired.

IT coordinator job description template

You can use our pre-made IT coordinator job description template to save time and ensure consistency. Check it out to attract qualified candidates and tailor it to your requirements.

You can also refer to our interview questions guide to gain an understanding of which IT coordinator candidate will align best with your company.

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