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HR consultant

The human resources department helps maintain office policies and ensures that all employees remain compliant and follow set rules and regulations.

Someone who offers professional services and advice to this department is an HR consultant. This article explains the duties of HR consultants and the necessary skills and requirements needed when hiring one.  

What is an HR consultant?

An HR consultant is an HR professional from a third-party company who offers expert guidance and HR services for companies.

HR consultants are in charge of assisting a company’s HR department. They may also act as one if it does not have one, which is usually the case for smaller, newer companies.

These specialists are usually hired on a case-to-case basis and provide consultation and unbiased opinions to HR employees regarding specific challenges and initiatives.

Duties of an HR consultant

An HR consultant has many responsibilities that help businesses operate smoothly. Listed below are some of the common daily tasks:

Policy management

HR consultants help in developing company policies and procedures that promote a safe and positive working environment.

They are often part of updating old policies and creating new ones. Their job also involves ensuring a company’s policies are in line with standard laws and regulations.

Employee management

Employees are the backbone of any company, and an HR consultant helps with assuring that they are satisfied and taken care of.

HR consultants help provide support and guidance for employees with personal issues. One way they may do this is through wellness programs or helpful resources.

In addition to ensuring an employee’s well-being, they monitor the employee’s work performance. They ensure all staff are meeting the required hours and standards while providing feedback and conducting performance reviews.

Conflict resolution

When a conflict arises in a workplace, HR consultants offer guidance and objectivity in resolving the matter. They can handle various disputes, from employee grievances and disciplinary actions.

HR consultants are there to safeguard all employees from potential harm or issues with other employees. They are in-charge of promoting open communication and prioritizing employee safety.


Part of an HR consultant’s role is checking whether a company complies with all relevant government laws and regulations, including tax laws, employment laws, and safety regulations.


HR consultants help with managing recruitment and onboarding of new employees.

They are included in administering benefits, making hiring decisions, and coming up with ways to attract and retain talents from around the world.

Skills and requirements needed in an HR consultant

HR consultants must posses a wide range of skills to perform their job well. Here are some necessary skills to look for when hiring or outsourcing one:

Knowledge of relevant laws

An HR consultant must have clear, in-depth knowledge of relevant state and federal laws in order to offer guidance and consultation effectively. These laws include but are not limited to:

  • Employment laws
  • Tax laws
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Workplace safety laws

Communication skills

Communication is an important skill to have as an HR consultant. One must be able to clearly and concisely communicate all relevant information and policies to all employees.

This specialist must be well-spoken and have strong written and verbal skills to interact with employees, managers, and stakeholders.

Problem-solving skills

HR consultants must have strong problem-solving skills to find solutions quickly. They must also think professionally and logically and make objective decisions.

Additionally, HR consultants are adept at analyzing situations and devising the best and fairest plans of action to prevent the issue from escalating.


A good HR consultant demonstrates strong leadership skills. A reliable one is instrumental in maintaining a safe workplace and effecting positive change.

HR consultants serve as mentors or coaches to employees and help guide them toward achieving company and personal goals.

Ethical conduct

HR consultants are committed to promoting honesty and integrity in the workplace as they maintain confidentiality and promote a safe work environment.

They encourage ethical behavior and lead by example by cultivating good workplace behavior, fostering social responsibility, and preventing biased decisions.

Interpersonal skills

HR consultants have strong interpersonal skills. They are able to communicate well with any employee and establish a strong rapport with them.

This makes it easy for employees to be honest about their problems while the HR consultant provides support and guidance.

Where to hire an HR consultant

Here are a few options to help you find the right HR consultant for your company:

1. Consulting firms

You can enlist the help of HR consultants from various consulting firms. Many of these firms specialize in HR-related services and have their own team of HR consultants whom you can hire on a project basis.

2. Freelance platforms

Many freelance HR consultants can be found on freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. You can reach out to them directly to discuss your needs.

3. Recommendations

Apart from consulting firms and freelance platforms, you can ask for recommendations from colleagues and other referrals who have worked with HR consultants.

Salary comparison

The salary of an HR consultant may vary depending on the company and experience.

According to Glassdoor, an HR consultant from the US makes an average of $127,753 per year. Meanwhile, Salary Expert reports that HR consultants from the Philippines make around ₱748,391 per year.

The table below shows a rough comparison of HR consultant annual salaries according to experience level.


On-site vs. Remote setup for an HR consultant

An HR consultant can work on-site in a physical office or remotely from home, depending on the company’s needs.

Working on-site allows easier access to the necessary materials and encourages social interaction with other employees.

Meanwhile, remote HR consultants can maintain virtual communication with employees while achieving more flexibility.

HR consultant job description template

Feel free to customize this HR consultant job description template to cater to your hiring needs. It details all of the relevant skills and duties needed to fulfill this role.

Additionally, you can refer to this list of HR consultant interview questions to assess the candidate’s capabilities.

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