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Help desk manager

Every company has someone handling the IT service department, overseeing the other customer support agents, and ready to handle inquiries at any time.

The best person for this job is the help desk manager. This article delves deeper into this important role, its responsibilities, and what skills to look for when hiring or outsourcing one.

What is a help desk manager?

A help desk manager is someone who handles customer service or help desk operations within an organization.

Help desk managers are the first people whom customers talk to when they have technical questions or require technical support. But they can also provide solutions outside of IT.

Their goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and retention by responding to queries and providing solutions to all customer problems.

Duties of a help desk manager

A help desk manager has a wide range of responsibilities that help keep a company running. Here is a breakdown of some of the daily tasks:

Customer service

A help desk manager is at the forefront of all IT customer service operations, from talking to customers and addressing complaints to transferring them to other agents.

Help desk managers ensure utmost customer satisfaction. They must be skilled and competent at handling customer inquiries and providing quick and efficient results.

Training and development

Help desk managers are responsible for training and educating other customer service agents and briefing them on various tasks. 

They are in charge of making sure that all other agents are equipped with the tools and knowledge to provide excellent customer service.

Moreover, help desk managers can facilitate training programs and workshops to help enhance their fellow agents’ skills.

Reporting and analytics

Help desk managers help analyze and report various customer service metrics, such as first contact resolution and net promoter score.

They use these metrics to help monitor the effectiveness of the customer service department and give insights into what areas need improvement.

Skills and requirements needed in a help desk manager

A help desk manager has a wide set of skills needed to provide the best customer support possible. Here are some skills to look for:


A good help desk manager communicates well with customers and ensures that they end the call understanding everything. This includes explaining the problem well and walking the customer through the solution clearly.

Effective communication does not just apply to customers but to fellow employees as well. Help desk managers must clearly relay any results or updates to the rest of the team so that everyone remains on the same page.


The mark of a true help desk manager is empathizing with customers. It is an important skill to let customers know you are there to help and that their concerns are heard and valid.

Having empathy ensures that customers are happy with the service provided. It helps maintain customer loyalty and improves customer relationships.


Help desk managers guide and manage the help desk team, meaning they must have strong leadership skills.

A good leader on the team leads to increased morale and a positive work environment, which eventually reflects in customer service.

Technical skills

Help desk managers must be well-versed in IT or any related field in order to provide the best possible service.

This includes having a clear understanding of hardware and software, troubleshooting skills, security knowledge, and experience in using different tools.

Where to hire a help desk manager

You can find and interview help desk manager candidates on a variety of hiring channels, such as online job boards like:

  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor

Another good place to search for potential candidates is specialized recruitment firms or those that are more IT-centered.

Salary comparison

The salary of a help desk manager may vary depending on their skill level and experience.

For comparison, according to ZipRecruiter and Salaryexpert, a help desk manager in the United States makes an average of $83,781/year. On the other hand, one in the Philippines makes around ₱910,320/year.

This table breaks down the annual salaries of a help desk manager according to experience level.


On-site vs. Remote setup for a help desk manager

A help desk manager can work either remotely or on-site at a physical office. Both setups present pros and cons, so it depends on what you and your company need.

An on-site setup allows help desk managers to oversee their team and communicate with other employees directly, creating a collaborative and productive environment.

Meanwhile, a remote setup helps desk managers achieve a work-life balance and eliminates the need to commute or travel.

Help desk manager job description template 

Feel free to customize this help desk manager job description template to match your company’s requirements and preferences.

It outlines the key responsibilities, qualifications, and application process, clearly showing the role’s requirements and expectations within the organization.

We also have a list of interview questions you can use to make your hiring process more a breeze 

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