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Executive assistant

Every business owner or CEO has a reliable executive assistant. This role is a right-hand person who helps out with every administrative task.

Executive assistants are a crucial part of the company as they ensure the higher-ups have everything they need for the business.

This article goes in-depth about the duties of the executive assistant and the specific skills to look for when hiring one.

What is an executive assistant?

An executive assistant is a professional who works closely with the CEO, manager, director, or executive. 

This specialist is responsible for performing administrative duties and providing support to the higher-ups. Administrative tasks may include managing deliverables, setting appointments, and managing communication. 

Executive assistants serve as representatives for the executives, often speaking on their behalf in meetings and interactions with stakeholders.

Duties of an executive assistant

An executive assistant performs several duties to ensure the company runs smoothly. Here are some of the common responsibilities:

Managing schedules

Executive assistants are in charge of scheduling meetings, appointments, and travel arrangements for executives. They log the logistics of these meetings, such as time, place, and agenda.

They must coordinate with external stakeholders and adjust accordingly if conflicts arise. They work closely with an executive to manage and prioritize these schedules.

Screening calls and emails

Executive assistants serve as the direct line of communication between the higher-ups and people inside and outside the company.

They are in charge of filtering calls and emails before they reach the executive. This includes responding to queries independently and relaying important messages.

Conducting research and reports

Reliable executive assistants aid in researching industry trends, competitors, potential clients, and future projects. 

They are also responsible for gathering relevant information and data and compiling them into comprehensive reports and presentations. These help executives make data-driven decisions regarding company matters in the future.

Liaison duties

As mentioned earlier, executive assistants serve as the primary point of contact between an executive and other staff members, clients, and stakeholders.

They often represent executives in meetings and delegate tasks on their behalf, ensuring easy communication within the organization.

Skills and requirements needed in an executive assistant

Executive assistants possess a unique set of skills to perform the job well. Listed below are some important skills to look for:

Excellent organizational skills

Executive assistants will have a lot on their plates in terms of administrative tasks and assisting executives, so they must have strong organizational and management skills.

They must be able to prioritize their tasks and practice proper time management to avoid complications and issues.

Communication skills

Executive assistants must have strong written and verbal communication to effectively perform their duties. A lot of their tasks involve communicating with other people, so they must be well-spoken and professional when relaying information.


It is inevitable that an executive assistant will have to balance multiple tasks at once, meaning multitasking skills is necessary.

Executive assistants must remain organized with their work while minimizing errors. They usually have their own to-do lists to ensure everything gets done and prevent forgetfulness.

Attention to detail

Executive assistants are thorough and pay close attention to detail to avoid any mistakes and oversights. They approach every task with care and focus, no matter how big or small.

This is an important skill to have as it ensures data quality, accuracy, and correctness, which allows businesses to run faster and more efficiently. 

Where to hire an executive assistant

You can find a seasoned executive assistant through the following:

1. Job platforms – Executive assistants can be found on different job posting platforms, such as LinkedIn or Indeed.

2. Freelance websites – If you would rather hire a freelancer, there are many freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr where freelancers are looking for assistant opportunities.

3. Internal hiring – Alternatively, you can resort to internal hiring and promote someone who possesses relevant skills and knowledge on assistant duties.

4. Referrals – Another option is to consult colleagues or relationships and ask for referrals for a good assistant.  

Salary comparison

The salary of an executive assistant may vary depending on experience level and location.

According to Salary.com, an executive assistant from the US earns around $73,037 annually. To compare, Talent.com reports that an executive assistant from the Philippines earns around P420,000 annually.

This table shows a rough breakdown of the yearly salaries of an executive assistant according to experience level.


On-site vs. Remote setup for an executive assistant

An executive assistant can work either on-site in a physical office or remotely from home. It depends on what the company needs at the moment.

On-site executive assistants have easier access to and direct interaction with management and the other employees, making social interaction and collaboration easier.

Meanwhile, remote executive assistants can perform their tasks from their computers at home, thanks to technological advancements. They can also save time from commuting to and from the office and achieve a work-life balance.

Executive assistant job description template

You may customize this document of an executive assistant job description to accommodate your specific hiring needs.

Additionally, this list of interview questions will help you learn more about your potential candidates.

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