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Home » Podcast » Specialized B2B Sales Outsourcing: Strategy & Tactics – with David Kreiger of SalesRoads

Specialized B2B Sales Outsourcing: Strategy & Tactics – with David Kreiger of SalesRoads

In this episode of the Outsource Accelerator Podcast, Derek sits down with David Kreiger, the president of SalesRoads. SalesRoads is one of the leading B2B outsourcing and lead generation companies in the United States.

David shares his knowledge and different strategies used to generate leads and improve B2B sales, as well as how the sales industry has changed over time.

About SalesRoads

SalesRoads is an outsourcing company that specializes in B2B sales, lead generation, appointment setting, and SDR outsourcing.

David mentions the importance of finding the perfect prospects for clients, which involves speaking with them personally to understand their needs and learning their ideal customer profiles.

“[W]e really work with them to understand who their ideal customer profiles are, who are the personas that they’re looking to speak to that make for their best clients.”

From there, SalesRoads does all the hard work in introducing those leads to their clients, running them through the sales pipeline, and eventually closing the deal.

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SalesRoads’ outsourcing process

David describes SalesRoads as their clients’ outsourced SDR division, serving as an extension of their client. This helps them come up with the best sales solutions as they are working as one collaborative unit.

He says, “We don’t look at ourselves as a separate part to our client. We really incorporate ourselves within their organization to develop the strategy to understand what’s working, what’s not working, working with both their sales teams as well as their marketing teams.”

SalesRoads’ outsourcing process

David and his team have what they call a demand generation playbook, which they provide for the clients. It is a comprehensive plan that lays out potential prospects, target markets, call approaches, and so on.

SalesRoads’ SDR team handles all the communication and outreach to prospects and nurtures them until they show interest in the client’s products and services. They then schedule an appointment for the client with the prospect.

How sales prospecting changed over the years

David recounts how much outsourcing and prospecting have changed over the years. He mentions the impact of technology and sites like LinkedIn and how much information you can get from there.

“You can get really amazing information to figure out whether you’re relevant to them and to the type of product or service that you represent. That wasn’t even anything that we could have leveraged 17 years ago,” he says.

Of course, with this speed and ease of finding new leads comes a downside: More competitors and flooding of the market due to the increase of tools and more people leveraging them.

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David adds that some companies’ prospecting methods are inefficient and do not target the right leads. He adds, “I think that people are inundated with a lot of crappy messages and a lot of crappy outreach.”

This is in contrast to his company’s success, which is attributed to their fully customized lists and deep digging of data, eventually leading to the most relevant clients.

The best way to approach a sales prospecting

David emphasizes the importance of permission-based openers. There are many times when sales teams reach out to customers at inopportune times, offering to sell a product that they are not interested in.

To prevent this and to get the customer to say yes, David’s approach is to ask for a specific amount of their time and stick to it. “[A]sk them if we can take that time just to have a brief conversation. And more often than not, [they] will say yes.”

Politely asking for and respecting their time is the first step in moving them forward in the sales funnel. From there, salespeople can schedule appointments with the prospect to discuss pain points and how to solve them.

When asked about how the sales industry can sometimes involve bait-and-switch tactics, David describes his sales approach as very open and transparent, with the goal of building relationships and solving customer problems.

He says, “I think sales is really about trying to build rapport with prospects, trying to empathize with prospects, trying to understand who the prospects are and trying to help them solve their problems and hopefully having a good positive outcome from it.”

Incorporating AI into sales

Derek and David wrap up by touching upon utilizing AI and how it can produce millions of calls but will ultimately not lead to many connections due to the absence of human voice.

David believes that the human component of sales will still remain prevalent. He reiterates the importance of human and consultative selling, where salespeople build trust and rapport with prospects.

Couple Chatting with a Car Salesperson
Incorporating AI into sales

He comments, “I think that salespeople are really going to have to lean into the humanity of the sales process in their network and creating relationships with people and doing things that AI just by definition can’t do.”

To learn more about SalesRoads and their processes, you may visit their website at https://salesroads.com/.

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