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Home » Podcast » Nearshore LatAm IT Developers from Colombia – with Paula Tellez of BetterWay Devs

Nearshore LatAm IT Developers from Colombia – with Paula Tellez of BetterWay Devs

Nearshore LatAm IT Developers from Colombia - with Paula Tellez of BetterWay Devs

In this podcast episode, Derek Gallimore spoke to Paula Tellez, the Marketing and Sales Lead at BetterWay Devs, a Colombia-based company. 

BetterWay Devs specializes in IT development and other technical roles, strongly emphasizing nearshoring to the U.S. They primarily recruit their staff from Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. 

Unlocking South American talent

Paula discussed the mission of BetterWay Devs, an IT staffing company specializing in South American talent. 

She stated, “BetterWay Devs serves as a specialized hub for exploring the benefits of the talent pool in South America.”

The marketing and sales lead at BetterWay Devs explained the services offered by their company, stating, “We’re providing software developers. They’re working remotely, and we are supporting our customers in managing the remote teams as a local partner.” 

Digital transformation demands

Paula emphasized the rapid pace of change in the industry, stating, “We are in a period of digital transformation. 

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Before, the demand was from software development companies. Now, the demand is from companies in all industries. They’re transforming their processes into digital channels and adopting new tools and technologies.”

Paula noted that this rapid growth in the market was causing issues related to the supply of skilled talent. 

She explained, “So the market is growing, and there’s an issue behind that, and it’s because the market is growing too fast. The speed at which talent is being trained is not keeping up, and that’s why we’re having some difficulties finding these specific profiles.”

The marketing and sales lead at BetterWay Devs highlighted a significant challenge, saying, “All countries are struggling to train and graduate more IT professionals, but it’s difficult because the industry is moving too fast and not at the same pace.”

Digital transformation demands

Nurturing IT professionals

Paula discussed the intense competition in the IT industry for top talent, often called “unicorns.” 

She stated, “All IT companies need to shift their vision of the industry and understand how the talent pipeline is evolving.”

The marketing and sales lead at BetterWay Devs discussed her company’s approach, highlighting their investment in training new professionals. 

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She explained, “We are investing in training these new professionals, even if they don’t immediately join our team. This benefits local companies and creates opportunities within the IT industry.

By committing to training juniors, we can shape the future ‘unicorns’ [developers] ”.

Fostering team spirit

Paula discussed the unique support and services her company offers to clients with remote teams. She clarified, “We’re not providing project management, but we have account managers to help with the communication and their relationship with the employees.” 

This week’s podcast guest also explained, “We support the developers locally, helping them with health issues and checking occupational health standards since they work remotely.” 

Furthermore, Paula discussed how they foster a sense of belonging among remote employees, stating, “We celebrate special dates with them, sending baskets and other gestures to make the employees feel they are not alone but part of a team.” 

She highlighted their commitment to using the client’s brand, emphasizing that they consider these remote workers as their client’s employees rather than their own.

Flexibility in partnerships

Paula highlighted the importance of effectively managing relationships and delivering value. 

She explained, “To create long-term engagements with companies, customers, and developers, you need to manage things very well and provide value. 

Most of our customers stay with us because they find value in what we’re doing, our support, and the simplification of payment and comprehensive employee benefits.”

The marketing and sales lead at BetterWay Devs also discussed the flexibility offered to their clients.

“So they want to work with us, even if they continue independently, hire contractors, or explore other options. We also provide an alternative, including exit fees, for those wishing to continue independently. The idea is to conclude the relationship in the best way.”

Flexibility in partnerships
Flexibility in partnerships

The future of tech talent

Paula expressed her optimism about the industry’s future and the role of AI, stating, “I don’t think it’s going to change demand. 

What is happening is that developers, they’re having superpowers, so they’re more productive, and they’re able to develop greater things.” 

She believed that the industry would continue to grow, emphasizing the importance of ongoing training, especially in countries like Colombia, and the support provided by private initiatives.

Paula highlighted the significance of the training process and the discovery of talent to address the tech talent gap, concluding, “because otherwise it won’t be sustainable in the future and it won’t be any business.” 

Her perspective conveyed the necessity of continuous talent development to ensure the industry’s sustainability and growth in the face of evolving technologies like AI.

To learn more about BetterWay Devs, visit their website or email Paul Tellez at [email protected]

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