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Home » Podcast » Full-Time & By-The-Hour BPO Solutions – with Natcho Angelo of Kuubiik

Full-Time & By-The-Hour BPO Solutions – with Natcho Angelo of Kuubiik

Full-Time & By-The-Hour BPO Solutions - with Natcho Angelo of Kuubiik

In this week’s podcast episode, Derek Gallimore spoke to Natcho Angelo, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kuubiik. Kuubiik is an outsourcing company that provides full-time and hourly staffing solutions with a remote global workforce.

The discussion covered Kuubiik’s unique approach in the offshoring market and how it differs from traditional models. 

About Kuubiik

Kuubiik started four years ago with a focus on providing a flexible hourly solution for companies requiring specific tasks.

According to Natcho, traditional agencies lacked this flexibility, while freelancers sometimes struggled with long-term reliability.

“We wanted to provide a solution where it’s reliable and high quality.

So we started with the concept of outsourcing by the hour, similar to what you would have with VAs, but with a stronger emphasis on quality.”

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Kuubiik’s specialization spanned various domains like graphic design, web development, marketing, and more. 

However, as their business evolved, Kuubiik observed an increasing demand for full-time solutions, even though they didn’t initially start with that model.

At that point, the company had introduced an innovative full-time outsourcing approach that differed from traditional methods.

It garnered trust and appreciation from its clients due to the perceived quality and reliability of its services.

About Kuubiik

Customizable hourly packages

Natcho explained Kuubiik’s flexibility by presenting a dual service structure comprising:

  • Full-time options
  • Unique hourly service.

He detailed the advantage of the hourly service with the freedom it offers clients.

“[Clients] don’t necessarily need to be stuck with the same person or with the same type of tasks. They could buy twenty hours of credit and use those hours with anyone.

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They could work with an SCM specialist, a copywriter for their blog, a graphic designer for ads, or a web developer for their website – all within the twenty-hour package,” Natcho explained.

This setup allows access to a diverse department rather than being tied to one individual, resembling “an agency by the hour concept.

The Kuubiik CEO also emphasized the wide variety of roles included in full-time staffing.

“We cover a wide spectrum, from customer success and executive assistants to graphic designers, video editors, sales reps, HR, digital marketing, web developers, UI/UX designers, and more traditional roles. 

Additionally, we handle less common roles in the outsourcing industry like architects, civil engineers, translators, and online tutors,” he said.

Diverse outsourcing destinations

Natcho explained Kuubiik’s recruitment process and geographic preferences in outsourcing. 

“There is a [preference] for the Philippines just because the Philippines has a very strong background and great candidates in outsourcing talent. However, there is also a great talent in Eastern Europe, Malaysia, and Indonesia.” He elaborated.

Natcho mentioned they [Kuubiik] are open to sourcing talent from various regions, including Japan, Korea, the U.S., South America, Mexico, and beyond.

“Recently, we have been looking for two roles in Japan. One is a country manager, the other a business development manager.”  The CEO provided specific examples of Kuubiik’s ongoing recruitment efforts.

He also mentioned that they manage roles across different levels, ranging from higher positions like CTO in India to smaller roles like translators in Japan.

Diverse outsourcing destinations
Diverse outsourcing destinations

Enhancing productivity through AI

Natcho showed how quickly the company adopted AI when it first became popular.

“We started implementing AI right away into the company to accelerate the pace, work faster, and produce more. 

Our goal isn’t to slow down work for more hours; it’s the opposite – to achieve more within the same timeframe and exceed expectations.”

Natcho clarified that while AI aids efficiency, a copywriter may proofread due to AI’s occasional lack of complete accuracy.

He saw AI as a valuable tool for accelerating progress, contributing positively to the company’s efficiency, and reaching its goals.

For more information about Kuubiik, you can visit their website at https://kuubiik.com/.

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