Ten No-Brainer Tasks to Outsource Right Now with Arnold San Miguel

Ep 019 Derek Gallimore

Today Derek is joined by Arnold and they will talk about ten tasks that you should be outsourcing right now.


  • Derek and Arnold talked about the Top 10 Tasks you should be outsourcing. Here’s the list;
  1. Administrative Tasks
  2. Customer Service
  3. Accounting and Financial Duties
  4. Marketing
  5. Human Resources and Recruitment
  6. Content Writing
  7. Graphics Designing
  8. Web Development
  9. IT Support
  10. Legal Processes.
  • Cal Newport mentioned in his book “Deep Work” that if it takes less than a week to train someone to do a certain function, then you should not be doing it. You should be concentrating your function on the complex stuff which has high-value output.
  • For Accounting and Financial Duties, you should start by outsourcing a bookkeeper.
  • The nitty gritty of Marketing is a very tedious task so therefore it should be outsourced to people who can do it as efficiently as you.
  • In terms of Recruitment, it should still be the owner who should have the final say in terms of who gets hired or not but the actual process of screening administering and evaluating exams should be outsourced.
  • If you’re into mass producing the content of your website, then you should consider outsourcing it, but of course, you still need to be selective about the content that goes into your website.
  • For Graphic Designing and IT, it doesn’t mean that if you’re outsourcing it, you wouldn’t want to learn the basics of running a website. It’s about getting the right people for a certain job and getting it done much faster.
  • The administrative tasks of Legal processes can also be outsourced.


Key Points

  • If a certain task takes more than 15 minutes then create a job and pass it on to someone else.
  • Outsource the time-consuming tasks to be able to focus on running your business more efficiently.
  • Consider outsourcing the nitty gritty of your business to people who, not only can work as efficient as you but can work at a much cheaper rate.



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