Anthony Bowers – Beneficial Impact of Outsourcing

Ep 189 Anthony Bowers

Anthony Bowers, founder and CEO of Tallant Asia joins Derek to discuss the reasons why  he was captivated into the BPO business.

Tallant Asia is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, based in Cebu City, Philippines.  The company helps offshore businesses build a remote team to perform non-core tasks. business.


  • Anthony is an Australian. His passion for travel and his professional career led him to countries in Asia, and initially to the outsourcing industry in Hongkong.
  • While in Hongkong he learned of the abuses suffered by Filipino and Indonesian domestic helpers. He wanted to help provide meaningful careers to these migrant workers or provide opportunities for them to earn good income without leaving their country or their family behind. Thus, the genesis of Tallant Asia.
  • Anthony started looking into the BPO industry and saw the beneficial impact of outsourcing both from the standpoint of the production country like the Philippines, and the client country, in contrast to the many misconceptions of outsourcing.
  • To the production country, people have the opportunities to earn higher salaries without leaving their country and their family. The country does not suffer from the consequence of a ‘brain drain’ as highly skilled talents stay and contributes to the growth of the economy. On the other side of the coin, the client country can focus on its core business functions because non-core tasks are outsourced at a lower cost without sacrificing output quality.
  • Anthony have seen how a business collapsed just because the management failed to consider that outsourcing can save the entire business operation and the jobs of the core employees. Global sourcing could have been a key factor not only for survival but to enable the company to compete internationally. Technology and the Internet removes locational barriers and opens the opportunity to get the best talent based on merits.


Key Points


  • Contrary to common misconceptions about outsourcing, the industry proves beneficial both to the production country and the client country.
  • Outsourcing can save the operation of an entire business and strengthen its competitive advantage in a global world.
  • Technology and the internet makes global sourcing a value adding operational strategy for business success.


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