Pia Gladys Perey – The Importance of PR In An International Context

Ep 018 - Pia Gladys Perey


Pia is back to discuss the importance of PR and its role in an international context. PR is an international tool that if used correctly could really help any company.


  • Pia discussed briefly in Episode 7 that Angelina Jolie wore her dress on the Red Carpet. For her it was life changing and it became her saving glory.
  • According to Pia, PR will come if you offer a strong product, a story, a strong experience.
  • People often underestimate PR, yes it could be very expensive. However, according to Pia, after your product, PR is the second most important thing.
  • Pia is 50/50 when it comes to social media, she is old school and has so much respect for the traditional media.
  • Some people become bloggers and influencers not because they’re good at it, but because of the perks and freebies.
  • Even celebrities sometimes become spoiled that’s why Pia loves Angelina Jolie because she buys dresses.

Key Points

  • PR is important in building a company’s brand. It is quite expensive, but if done right, companies will benefit from it.
  • Having thousands of followers on Instagram doesn’t make a person an influencer because nowadays, even likes can be bought.
  • Even if a celebrity wears or endorses your product, but you do not have a good product or there’s no story behind it, it wouldn’t work.



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