Adrian Pantonial – Wonderful Opportunities from the Outsourcing Industry

Ep 179 Adrian Pantonial


Host Derek is again joined by Adrian Pantonial for the third time.
Adrian is a seasoned host, voiceover talent, proofreader, Tagalog tutor, call center Trainor and most of all, a solid 12-years career in the BPO industry.  To know more of Adrian and his stories, you may visit Episodes 171 and 175.



  • Adrian claims his 12-year career in the call center or BPO industry made him a better English speaker, which has opened a lot of wonderful opportunities for him.
  • He corrected a misconception that many call center employees are undergraduates or not formally educated. Although the industry employs undergraduates, there are a lot of career shifters; former teachers, nurses, engineers and other professions. Most graduates and professionals are being attracted to the industry because of the higher pay rates, and career growth opportunities. Adrian himself is a college degree holder.
  • The boom of the BPO industry contributes to the Philippine economy. Adrian noticed an increased in 24/7 convenience stores and fast food chains, and many other commercial establishments operating in places where there are BPO offices. These shops are teeming with BPO employees at unusual business hours.
  • Adrian advises call center employees to continue dreaming and to work harder to realize their dreams while they are gainfully employed. Even if call centers employ undergraduates with the right talents and skill set, the best talent and personality with a back-up college degree wins the promotion.
  • Call center people support each other with new vacancies and hiring, tips sharing through Facebook. But much more is needed to support the unsung heroes of the BPO industry through an aggregate body or organized community.


Key Points

  • A lot of professionals or graduates are being lured into the BPO industry for the attractive salary and work benefits.
  • The BPO industry contributes to the growth of the Philippine economy and the increasing number of 24/7 shops, fast-food chains, and other commercial locators in places where there are BPO offices is a testament to this fact.
  • There is a need to create an organized community to lend support of the unsung heroes of the BPO industry.




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