Mike Grogan – Creating Habits and Success in Employees

Ep 017 Mike Grogan


Derek is joined by Mike Grogan and they will talk about unlocking the habits and habit formation within people in order to get the best out of them.


  • No change happens unless a behavioral change occurs.
  • The principles of behavioral change are universal, it doesn’t matter what country or the background the same principles apply to all.
  • It’s all about group learning, for example, it’s ten percent (10%) or fifteen percent (15%), of talking. One of the best advice Mike received from his mentors is that the more he speaks the fewer people learn. So, he designs a thinking environment for them to realize the behaviors they must change and how they need to change those behaviors. You can have groups, one team from a department, you can mix it up from different departments but the most important element is that it’s a group dynamic
  • Most business owners in the Philippines are encountering these problems; they want to help Filipinos become more proactive, more disciplined and more productive. To move away from their follower mentality.
  • The greatest way to influence someone is to model the way. So, if you can get models of excellence within your business, that will become your showcase area for the rest of the organization.
  • Choose employees that you want to mentor, give them the opportunity to grow.

Key Points

  • The extreme importance of working together in groups.
  • People should move out of their follower mentality which is hugely mainstream in the Philippines, very traditional businesses, very top-down and become a thinker.
  • How managers can optimize their day and how they can spread that to their team.


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  • outsourceaccelerator.com/podcast/episode17


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